Guinness will be on tap at this year's Dublin Irish Festival for the first time, but visitors shouldn't celebrate too much.

Guinness will be on tap at this year's Dublin Irish Festival for the first time, but visitors shouldn't celebrate too much.

Even though several Dublin City Council members voiced concerns about underage drinking and alcohol abuse at the annual festival, they approved Killian's Irish Red and Guinness as sponsors.

Although a Dublin Irish Festival Stout has been offered at previous festivals, the Aug. 2-4 event will be the first time Guinness has been offered in the 26 years of the festival.

Council members were happy to have the new offering on tap, but things were a little foamy when it came to behavior seen at previous festivals.

Cathy Boring said underage drinking was her primary concern and Mayor Tim Lecklider said he's seen inebriated people who should not have been served more alcohol at the festival.

Vice Mayor Amy Salay said the festival has a good record of not serving alcohol to those under age, but they can drink before the festival.

"The issue is drinking offsite and folks over consuming," she said.

"We make sure servers do not over serve," Police Chief Heinz von Eckartsberg said, noting that sometimes someone else will buy a round for someone who has had enough.

Sneaking alcohol into the festival has also been a problem.

Gates have bag checkers to ferret out alcohol, but sometimes it still makes it onto festival grounds.

"For a festival this size we have very few issues," von Eckartsberg told council.

"It is a well-run event," Councilman John Reiner agreed.

Arrests have increased over the past few years at the Dublin Irish Festival.

In 2010, there were five adult arrests and four were alcohol related. One juvenile arrest in 2010 was alcohol related, said information from the city.

Alcohol-related arrests for adults in 2011 decreased to three, while alcohol-related juvenile arrests increased to four.

Last year, police arrested 13 adults and 12 were alcohol related. Only two alcohol-related juvenile arrested were made in 2012.

To stop alcohol-related incidents, von Eckartsberg said volunteers will use Operation 21 to make sure no one underage is served.

"This program provides civilian personnel, trained by the police division, who patrol the festival grounds watching for signs of underage alcohol possession and/or consumption," a memo to council from von Eckartsberg said.

"Beginning this year, we will enhance this capability by utilizing our Citizen Police Academy alumni to us with these efforts."

Dublin Events Manager Alison LeRoy said the festival will also work to start engaging kids in middle school and keep them involved through high school and out of trouble.

Staff is looking into different options such as music or a virtual graffiti wall.