A small addition is planned for Muirfield Village.

A small addition is planned for Muirfield Village.

Dublin City Council members are expected to vote on rezoning, a preliminary development plan and preliminary plat June 24 for 18 new homes on about 12 acres of land south of Glick Road and east of Muirfield Road.

Planner Claudia Husak said the land is surrounded by different single-family sections of Muirfield Village and currently holds a home and a few outbuildings.

The land is zoned rural and the owners previously kept horses there.

The proposed rezoning would take the land to planned unit development with a density of about 1.5 units per acre, which is "comparable or lower than the surrounding Muirfield Village sections," the staff report to council stated.

A new road, Stansbury Drive would provide access to the 18 homes, extending from the existing Drake Road.

The proposed development includes 4.5 acres of open space, Husak said, and the homes are in a clustered arrangement around a stream and stream corridor protection zone.

The proposed development will be part of the Muirfield Village Association.

"We spent a good deal of time not only with planning and planning staff, but also with Muirfield," said Ben Hale, the developer's representative.

Plans are to integrate the development into Muirfield and dedicate the 4.5 acres of open space to the association.

"This is totally at their discretion to allow us to join the Muirfield Association," Hale said

"In terms of maintenance and review plans of houses, we'll be subject to (their) rules and regulations," Hale said. "We have reached an agreement with them on all issues."

The proposed residences will be marketed to empty nesters, Hale said.

"We really worked hard on this," he said. "I think the real key was working with the Muirfield Association and getting them on board."

Council members are expected to vote on the plan June 24 and the planning and zoning commission recommended approval.

Other matters

In other city news, council members last week got an update on plans to improve DubLink, the city's fiber optic network.

Deputy City Manager and Director of Economic Development Dana McDaniel said two projects would improve the 125-mile conduit and fiber optic system.

Fiber optics were installed with the sanitary sewer system along parts of Hard Road and Riverside Drive in 2001, McDaniel said. The sanitary sewer system has deteriorated and the city wants to replace the fiber optics there.

"These fiber optics will be replaced with a combination of new underground conduit and fiber along Hard Road and new fiber optics placed on existing utility poles along Riverside Drive between Hard Road and Emerald Parkway bridge," the staff report to council said.

Because the fiber optics in the area are currently being used, changing the fibers will be challenging and the project is expected to cost $87,950.

The other fiber project would close the loop of the fiber optics network on the west side, near where Ohio University plans to open a medical college.

"Ohio University has expressed interest in using the fiber optic system," McDaniel said.

The project is expected to cost $86,112, but OU could help pay for the project, McDaniel said.

The improvements to the fiber optic network will be paid with for funds from the city's Capital Improvement Program.