New Wright Elementary School Principal Brian Blum says he will work to make the school feel like a family.

New Wright Elementary School Principal Brian Blum says he will work to make the school feel like a family.

Blum will start leading Wright this fall. Former principal Ali Moore has moved to another position with the district.

"I'm a family guy and that's what I'd like to bring to Daniel Wright Elementary, that family feeling," Blum said.

"I want to continue to make that school better than what it is and make families proud to go to Daniel Wright Elementary School."

Blum, who lives in Granville with his wife and 13- and 15-year-old sons, has spent the past several years with Hilliard City Schools, serving as principal of Brown Elementary and then Horizon Elementary schools.

"I've know a few people who have come to Dublin recently and they talk very highly of Dublin and the programming and support and reputation of Dublin as being a fantastic school district," Blum said of his decision to move to Dublin City Schools.

"It's very well supported by parents and the community."

Blum started his educational career in the classroom with little thought of administration until a principal took interest in him.

"At first I was a special education teacher for four years," Blum said. "I worked with students that had learning disabilities and behavioral issues."

While a special education teacher in North Fork Local Schools, Blum said the principal started giving him other responsibilities.

"He planted the seeds and gave me responsibilities," he said. "I looked into it with his encouragement ... . He gave me insight into what a principal does and lit the fire."

Now that Blum has been a principal for several years, he can't imagine doing anything else.

"I didn't think I would like being a principal as much as I have, but this will be my 16th year as an elementary school principal," he said.

"You really get to know kids in the whole building. I think I get to know the kids even more because I get to be in classrooms, in the lunchroom and out on the playground. I think I have more contact now than when I was teaching."

Getting to know the students is the best part of the job, Blum said.

"I love the interactions with the kids," he said. "That's what keeps me going."

Blum will begin leading the school this fall, but he's been able to meet staff and saw the school before summer vacation began.

"I've already met with the entire staff and met with a few grade levels multiple times," he said.

"Central Office has already been giving me information and training me on the lingo of Dublin City Schools," he said, adding that he also saw the Daniel Wright Summer Lunch Program in the works this summer.

"I was invited by the fourth grade team to see the presentation on selling lemonade for kids with cancer. I walked the school with Mr. Moore. I can tell the teachers really enjoy what they're doing there."

Dublin City Schools are back in session Aug. 21.