Kevin Walter will take a second run at Dublin City Council, as he campaigns for the Ward 3 seat currently occupied by John Reiner.

Kevin Walter will take a second run at Dublin City Council, as he campaigns for the Ward 3 seat currently occupied by John Reiner.

Walter, who has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission, first ran for an at-large seat on Dublin City Council in 2011, but was not elected.

Before announcing his candidacy, Walter said he talked with his wife.

"Fundamentally I said 'These are things I'm passionate about and if I don't run and act on these things, how can I tell my children to follow their passions?' " he said, adding his wife, Shelley, told him she couldn't argue with that logic.

Ward 3, which includes parts of Muirfield and northwest Dublin, is changing, Walter said, and he wants to help guide it.

"The way I look at it is there's a big seismic shift in Ward 3 that will change the overall character of the ward," he said.

"My mission is to have an active and energetic voice in those things," he said. "Ward 3 will be significantly different in five years than it is today."

As Walter sees it, the redevelopment of Riviera Golf Club, Jerome Village and the improvements at the U.S. Route 33 and Interstate 270 interchange could have a big impact on Ward 3.

The Riviera Golf Club is still operating, but there have been discussions in the past to redevelop the site for homes. Density and a lack of green space are among Walter's chief concerns if the site were redeveloped.

"We need to understand the impact that development will have on traffic, infrastructure and the school system," he said.

If elected, Walter said his priorities would be fiscal responsibility, responsible planning, economic development, support for parks and open space and creating a lasting legacy for his children.

Walter has two daughters and three sons and said providing a good home for them is important.

"If we don't do these things in Ward 3 right, the legacy we leave our children will look like Sawmill Road," he said.

This fall, Walter will split his time between his family, his job as territory manager for a technology firm and campaigning.

He also coaches Dublin Soccer League soccer, Dublin Youth Athletics baseball and Dublin Cheer.

This will be Walter's second time knocking on doors to campaign, an experience he finds educational.

"I think I got very positive feedback," he said.

"I think most people understand council is evolving and changing," Walter said.

"When I talk to people now, the incumbent is not as vocal and he's not as in tune with the change in demographics of the ward and that's what I hear from people.

"They want someone who represents the changing demographics of Ward 3."

The seats of Mayor Tim Lecklider, Vice Mayor Amy Salay and Cathy Boring are also up this fall. Boring will retire from council at the end of her term, but Lecklider and Salay are running for re-election.