This won't be Julie Hubler's first run for Dublin City Council or political office.

This won't be Julie Hubler's first run for Dublin City Council or political office.

Hubler is running for the Ward 1 seat and will face Christine Gawronski, Greg Peterson and Alex Schaffer in the campaign.

The 55-year-old lawyer's Ward 1 run and her campaigns for other offices have been her attempt at giving back to a country that's given her so much.

The 15-year Post Road resident emigrated from South Korea at the age of 13 and grew up in Cincinnati.

Hubler met her husband, Lloyd, at Ohio State University while in law school and the couple eventually had two daughters, Barbara and Elizabeth.

They also share the law practice Hubler and Hubler in northwest Columbus.

In 2007, Richard Gerber edged Hubler for an at-large Dublin City Council seat by 10 votes. Hubler challenged Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown for her seat in 2010.

Hubler began attending planning and zoning commission and Dublin City Council meetings again when Wellington Reserve, off Brand Road began development.

As a neighbor, Hubler wanted to give some input.

"Dublin does need to continue to develop and move forward," she said. "However, it's a delicate responsibility ... . They need to make sure the letter and the spirit of the agreement will be upheld."

If elected to Ward 1, Hubler said she wants to look out for the needs of the area, such as improving safety on Brand Road.

"Every winter three or four cars go into the ditch," she said.

Sawmill Road and Dublin Village Center also lie in Ward 1 where Bridge Street District redevelopment could take place. Hubler wants the city to be cautious on that front.

"Is there a demand for that lifestyle? If not, is it 'if you build it they will come'?" she said.

"If private developers want to come, OK. But should the city of Dublin be an investor?"

Hubler said her concentration would remain on city services, if elected.

"I'd like to see more resources allocated to the police department," she said.

Another concern for Hubler is keeping Dublin as it is as the city matures while staying fiscally responsible.

"The challenge is to maintain it as good as it has been," she said. "It's becoming a more mature city. There are more empty-nesters. A lot of us are here to stay."

Maintaining the things that make Dublin great is one of Hubler's main reasons for running, along with a need to serve the community and country.

"As a true beneficiary of the greatest country on the earth, as a young immigrant child who achieved the American dream ... I want to serve," she said. "Allow me to serve and give back."