The Coffman High School Marching Band achieved a major goal last weekend.

The Coffman High School Marching Band achieved a major goal last weekend.

At the Bands of America Grand National competition in Indianapolis, Ind., the marching band for the first time reached the semifinals.

The multiple-day show includes 91 bands from throughout the U.S., said Band Director Jeremy Bradstreet.

"Bands come from California, Florida, Georgia (and) Maryland to participate in the preliminary competition in Indianapolis," he said. "They select the top 30 bands and representative from each class to fill out the semifinals."

After competition on Thursday and Friday, the Coffman Marching Band found out it reached semifinals during a Friday evening awards ceremony.

Senior Gabby Pedroza was on the field with the bands two other drum majors when Coffman's name was called.

"That was the most amazing feeling," she said.

With a place in the semifinals, Coffman had to perform early on Saturday before heading to Kettering to play at Coffman's playoff football game against Huber Heights Wayne High School.

"It's the first time in Coffman history that our band has received this prestigious accomplishment," Bradstreet said.

"The goal was to make it into the semifinals. And the kids got to watch three hours of the top bands in the country."

Coffman's show this year was "The Ocean Within" and Band President Simon Bogason said it set them apart.

"We were definitely at the peak of our season," the senior said. "Our best performance was there. Everyone agreed on that. I think we brought a different style to the table. Our band was unique and that definitely helped us."

"This year we got a little more theatrical than we've ever been," Pedroza said. "I think the judges really like that."

The Coffman Marching Band attended the Bands of America Grand Nationals two years ago for the first time.

"All the kids worked hard all season long," Bradstreet said. "Scoring is very tight with the top 50 bands. It's about how good you march, how well you play the music and how well you spin the flag."

"The competition was very tough but I wasn't surprised after seeing all the progress we made this year and all four years," Bogason said of making the semifinals.

"We went my sophomore year, but didn't make it then. This year I felt more confident and everyone had improved so much."