More chances for input and education on the Bridge Street District are likely.

More chances for input and education on the Bridge Street District are likely.

Dublin City Council members last week directed staff to look into public meetings about Bridge Street District plans that call for walkable, urban-style mixed-use development not generally seen in the city.

Residents have used the public comment period during recent Dublin City Council meetings to voice concerns and questions about plans that recently launched a vision for a large development on Riverside Drive that includes a hotel, apartments, condos, grocery store, gym, restaurants, retail and office space.

Last week, Dublin resident and developer Pat Grabill applauded the effort, but issued a concern regarding proposed park space on the east side of the river.

"You haven't reserved enough land for taxpayer use," he said, urging council to consider a civic center with underground parking in the park.

Riverside Drive is scheduled to be realigned already to make more space for a park and landing for a pedestrian bridge across the Scioto River.

Grabill, however, asked the city to look into moving the road further east to allow for more park space, parking and a civic center that could include a new library.

"I'm very much in favor of the development. I just think the city should take advantage (of public land)," Grabill said.

Council members did support considering a civic center for the land, although City Manager Marsha Grigsby said the preferred alignment for the road has already been set.

"I'm interested and intrigued by what Mr. Grabill has said," Vice Mayor Amy Salay said.

"I'm wondering what we need to do to explore the idea ... ," she said.

"I'm wondering if there is opportunity for public use on the east side of the river."

Councilwoman Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher suggested holding public meetings to take public input and ideas such as Grabill's.

Mayor Tim Lecklider ex-pressed concerns, however, about developers who have already spent time and money on plans.

"The people who have made financial investments, what is our message to them?" he asked.

"We have people throwing out ideas four years into the process," Councilman John Reiner said.

Salay supported public meetings and said people could give input about actual development plans during the Planning and Zoning process.

Council has received several emails about the Bridge Street District, Chinnici-Zuercher said, and could use public meetings to get input and educate the public about plans.

"I'm not suggesting we need to slow a process down, but what I'm hearing and what I believe very strongly in" is we need input, she said.

Dublin did record comments at an October meeting about Scioto River Corridor plans and expects to present council with findings Dec. 9.

Staff has answered some questions and concerns from the public online regarding density, pedestrian safety, parking and traffic. The questions and answers can be found online at