People planning to snag an on-field table for Dublin's Earth, Wind & Fire show in July will have to dole out a little more cash.

People planning to snag an on-field table for Dublin's Earth, Wind & Fire show in July will have to dole out a little more cash.

Dublin last week announced Earth, Wind & Fire as the headliner for its annual Independence Day Celebration as well as an increase in ticket prices for two popular city events.

After Dublin Events Manager Alison LeRoy last week announced the band responsible for September and Boogie Wonderland would play in Dublin on the Fourth of July, she also announced a plan to increase the price for Independence Day tables and Dublin Irish Festival tickets.

"Ticket prices for these events have not increased in several years," a staff report to council stated. "The last ticket price increase for the Dublin Irish Festival occurred in 2006 and the last ticket price increase for Independence Day occurred in 2007.

"Since that time, the entertainment quality and associated budgets have grown for both events."

Reviewing other local and national events also show low ticket prices for Dublin, the memo said.

The city plans to raise the price of a 10-person, on-field table at the Independence Day celebration from $100 to $125.

The last increase for Independence Day celebration tables was in 2006 when the price jumped from $85 to $100.

Tables were priced at $60 when they were first sold in 1998.

The city staff anticipates the increase in Independence Day tables will bring in an additional $7,500 in revenue.

"Increased revenue from Independence Day would offset a portion of the recent increase in the cost of entertainment," the staff memo said.

Tickets for the Dublin Irish Festival will increase from $10 to $12. When the Irish festival began in 1992, tickets were $2. Tickets to other Irish festivals around the country range from $10 to $17.

The rise in ticket costs is expected to bring in more than $100,000 in additional revenue for the Dublin Irish Festival.

"Increased revenue from the Dublin Irish Festival would assist in continuing to cover direct costs and a portion of indirect costs associated with this event," the staff memo said.

Councilman Greg Peterson did suggest giving Dublin residents a break on festival tickets.

"Is there a way residents in Dublin could not have fees go up?" he asked staff during the Jan. 13 council meeting.

"Is there a way if perhaps they prove they're residents they could have a discount?" Peterson said. "They deal with traffic and the inconvenience of the festival.

"I wonder if there is a way to pass this on."

Amy Salay supported a price break for Dublin residents and staff members said they would look into the possibility and schematics.

Although the prices will increase for the events, there are ways to attend the events for free.

Free seating for the Independence Day celebration is available in the bleachers on a first-come, first served basis.

Volunteers for the Dublin Irish Festival can attend for free.

The festival is also free on Sunday morning with the donation of a nonperishable food item for the Dublin Food Pantry.

An advance ticket discount of $2 will also be offered for Dublin Irish Festival tickets, LeRoy said.