The final phase of Emerald Parkway will do more than open a new route, city officials said last week.

The final phase of Emerald Parkway will do more than open a new route, city officials said last week.

The eighth and final phase of Emerald Parkway is expected to be completed in November, opening a stretch of road from Riverside Drive to Sawmill Parkway.

But the road that has been in the works for 18 years and will ultimately run from Tuttle Crossing Boulevard to Sawmill Road will have other benefits for Dublin.

The final stretch of Emerald Parkway will run about a mile and open up land that has been marked for office space in Dublin's community plan, said Colleen Gilger, economic development manager for the city.

"What's fantastic about the land is the visibility from (Interstate) 270 from Riverside to Sawmill Road," Gilger said.

"When you look around the I-270 loop and the entire Columbus region, it's the longest undeveloped I-270 frontage," she said.

"There's a real opportunity to do something special there.

"Obviously this is a gateway into Dublin right there at that Sawmill exit."

Dublin's community plan calls for development similar to what currently fronts I-270 in the area.

"We want to continue with the architecture and corporate identity along 270 like Cardinal Health, like IGS, like CareWorks," Gilger said.

"We anticipate it looking a lot like the rest of it: nice corporate brands, large, high-profile Class A buildings."

The final Emerald Parkway extension will open up about 115 acres of undeveloped land and Gilger said there's a potential for about a million square feet of office space, depending on parking.

Although roadway construction will be completed this year, potential development could take longer.

Gilger estimated seeing action in the area during the next 10 years.

Something new and different for Dublin is being planned just south of the Emerald Parkway extension and Gilger said it will act as a selling point for the undeveloped land.

Bridge Street District plans along Riverside Drive just south of I-270 call for residential, office and retail space as well as a hotel and grocery store.

"It really will be a lovely selling point especially with the residential component part of Bridge Street," Gilger said.

"Hopefully they'll have a built-in workforce living within a mile," she said.

"It's definitely a huge asset to have Bridge Street so close to the final part of Emerald Parkway."

The road will also open up parkland the city is currently developing, which will act as a transition area between homes in the Bright Road area and potential office space.

"Completing Emerald Parkway will take away traffic from residential neighborhoods and preserves it by adding the park at Bright Road," Gilger said.

"It will divert a lot of commuter traffic from Bright Road," she said.

"It will divert it to a nice, four-lane divided Emerald Parkway instead and better preserve the residential neighborhood on Bright Road."

The road is also expected to help traffic flow with a new route through the city.

"When you look at the existing businesses that have chosen an Emerald Parkway address, by finalizing this last leg of road, it will provide a wonderful outlet for them as far as commuting to, from and through Dublin," Gilger said.

"The ease of the commute will increase for existing businesses and existing workforce while also opening land for new business."