Continuous improvement is a major focus within the Dublin City School District and during the last 18 months we have really focused upon instructional technology.

Continuous improvement is a major focus within the Dublin City School District and during the last 18 months we have really focused upon instructional technology.

I am proud to share great progress has been made in this area.

In a short amount of time, our district has:

* Implemented Digits, an online math program at the middle school level.

* Purchased more than 1,400 Chromebooks for student use with the Digits curriculum.

* Received a $1-million grant to fund our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math initiatives.

* Increased our bandwidth from 250 MB to 1 G.

* Participated in the Hour of Code two consecutive years.

* Utilized the Dublin Technology Center to conduct interactive webinars.

* Implemented a new email system.

* Implemented a computer replacement program based on needs.

* Replaced approximately 1,500 of the more than 10,000 computers in our district.

* Identified and implemented a dedicated funding stream for future technology support and purchasing.

* Made strides toward establishing an off-site back-up system for all district data to ensure all documents are safe and retrievable.

* Progressed toward a second, separate Internet connection providing additional redundancy.

A dedicated funding stream for technology is an extremely important anchor of our technology plans and a large portion of this dedicated funding stream comes from the Bridge Street Cooperative Agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement with the City of Dublin, our district will receive payments in lieu of taxes, totaling $50-million, or $1.5-million per year, over the next 33-years.

The annual payments will provide the district with a dedicated revenue stream for technology. This revenue stream allows us to formulate a technology plan that allows the district to make regular and targeted technology purchases, as opposed to making only large technology purchases after a bond issue has been approved.

Without a strong partnership with the City of Dublin, our strides in technology would not have happened this quickly.

The partnership provides a predictable annual income stream to Dublin City Schools dedicated for strategic investments in technology advancements, and the ability for the city of Dublin to implement the city's vision of the Bridge Street District by providing long-term financing tools for the public infrastructure improvements necessary to create vibrant, more densely developed, walkable neighborhoods in the Bridge Street District.

As we look to the future regarding technology and our partnership with the city of Dublin, we are exploring the possibility of moving our district servers to the city's data center in order to share services and potentially reduce costs. Additionally, we also hope to connect our 20 school buildings to the DubLink high-speed fiber network which would greatly expand our connectivity with the major colleges and universities across Ohio.

There is still room for growth when it comes to the constantly changing world of technology.

In order for our teachers to be most effective with technology, it must be 100 percent reliable and we continue to work toward this goal. Technology integration into our classrooms is an area in which we need to grow, as is professional development for staff.

Dublin City School District Superintendent Todd Hoadley, Ph.D., submitted the School Notes column.