The Bridge Street District in Dublin has been in the works since 2009 and its first major development is expected to break ground this summer.

The Bridge Street District in Dublin has been in the works since 2009 and its first major development is expected to break ground this summer.

Bridge Park plans to offer a mixed-use, high-density, walkable development on the northeast corner of Riverside Drive and state Route 161, and north of Bridge Street in Historic Dublin.

The project, born in 2012, is expected to cost developer Crawford Hoying more than $350-million.

"When we began to understand what the Bridge Street District was going to be and their vision for the future of Dublin happened to align with the vision for what we believe is happening not just in Dublin, but the U.S. as well, the vision sort of aligned with the mixed-use, dense-use, walkable setting we are seeing," said Brent Crawford, a principal and founder of Crawford Hoying.

Construction on the first block of Bridge Park is expected to start June 1.

"We started some construction last November and December," Crawford said.

"We did that in order to be prepared to go vertical June 1 of this year. We got dirt moved to get building pads ready."

The first block of development off Riverside Drive will include 93,000 square feet of office, 9,000 square feet of retail, 43,000 square feet of restaurant space and 154 apartments.

"There's a mixture of uses," Crawford said.

"There's first-floor retail and several buildings are second-floor office and residential above and an 800-car parking structure."

The next block, across the planned Bridge Park Avenue from the first block, is expected to start construction on 46,000 square feet of office, 13,000 square feet of retail, 50,000 square feet of restaurant and 218 apartments in the fall.

"Often people are surprised by the phasing and timing," Crawford said.

"In reality, the blocks will start months apart, not years apart. In order to have mixed-used development that is successful you have to have that."

Also planned to begin construction this fall are 70 for-sale condominiums, a 150-room Marriott hotel, a 500-person event center and 89,000-square-foot office at the new Riverside Drive and state Route 161 roundabout.

The next blocks, going north and east, are planned to begin construction in January 2016 and include more office, retail and restaurant space, as well as 348 apartments, a grocery store and 500-seat performing arts center.

"Really all of the development for the most part should be completed by the end of 2017," Crawford said.

"It could drag in 2018, but a very significant portion will be completed by the end of 2017."

Bridge Park West, which will take the place of 94 and 100 N. High Street in Historic Dublin, is expected to begin construction this spring as well, Crawford said.

"We had tree removal in the last two days," he said.

"The buildings will come down April 15; 100 and 94 N. High will come down to prepare for retail and office space along High Street."

In the development, 41 condos are planned as well as space for two restaurants.

A few hurdles must be cleared, however, before building for Bridge Park can begin.

Construction financing and an economic development agreement that will include tax-increment financing districts, a New Community Authority and a Community Reinvestment Area, must be approved by City Council first, Crawford said.

"We expect to have that completed and signed by June 1," he said of the economic development agreement.