Dublin wants to be the place for broadband.

Dublin wants to be the place for broadband.

Dublin City Council members May 4 gave the OK to a plan that will give the city 100 gigabits of broadband speed and capacity.

In the past Dublin has used its fiber optic channel, DubLink, to save money, generate revenue and attract and retain companies.

City Manager Dana McDaniel said improving DubLink for the 100 gigabit plan will "create retain, expand and attract high-tech and broadband driven industry, business and jobs, while expanding the capabilities of primary and secondary education."

The city has budgeted $865,000 over the next six years to complete the project, McDaniel said, and will also use $300,000 in state funds and $360,000 from the Ohio Academic Resource Network for use of additional fiber optics for the project.

Increasing the city's fiber capability will allow the Dublin to provide fiber optics to older office buildings and make then more attractive, McDaniel said.

"We can help business by providing infrastructure to reach back to the data center," he said.

Whereas the new fiber capabilities could attract companies to older office buildings, McDaniel said it might also be used to attract companies elsewhere in the city.

The city plans to extend fiber to commercial buildings and even provide router equipment in the buildings to be 100-gigabit capable.

The 100 gigabit infrastructure could also provide access to research platforms, attracting research and development companies and helping education, McDaniel said.

The expanded broadband could work as an incentive for companies looking at Dublin too.

"It opens the opportunity to introduce a whole new set of incentive packages we don't (currently) provide," McDaniel said.

Both a connection point and server space could be offered to companies as a cost-saving incentive.

"We could provide server space at no cost for small to medium companies," McDaniel told council. "We think that we will be off the charts for incentives we can offer to our businesses."

Metro Data Center will provide day-to-day administration of the 100 gigabit project, technical advice, marketing and back office support for $250,000 annually.