Dublin Jerome High School senior Linda Qin will meet President Barack Obama this summer.

Dublin Jerome High School senior Linda Qin will meet President Barack Obama this summer.

From a pool of 4,300 seniors from throughout the country, Qin was named a U.S. Presidential Scholar and along with about 100 other fellow honorees will visit Washington, D.C., next month.

The U.S. Presidential Scholar program honors two seniors from each state, 15 at-large and 20 U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts each year.

The program was established in 1964 to recognize some of the most distinguished graduating high school seniors.

Qin said she was selected to apply based on ACT and SAT scores.

"I was surprised," she said of finding out she got the award.

"Mr. (Jim) Bauer my guidance counselor told me to go tell (principal) Mrs. (Cathy) Sankey and she was really happy. That made me even more happy. She's always been a huge support."

Teachers and friends have also been a major source of support for Qin.

"I'm really thankful because I could not have gotten where I have without them," she said. "I'm truly grateful and so blessed to have them."

Violin is something else Qin is happy to have in her life, playing with the school orchestra and taking part in competitions.

"It was a huge part of my life growing up," she said. "It's always a source of joy for me."

Extracurriculars have been a source of interest for Qin.

For the past three years, Qin has participated in Model UN, Mock Trial and Science Olympiad.

"Model UN I did because of my friends, but I found a love for it," she said.

As president of the state Model UN conference this year, Qin gained some serious knowledge in leadership.

At Mocktrial Qin got a chance to debate and learned to think on her feet and be assertive.

She received the Best Attorney award at the regional competition.

But her "comfort club" is Science Olympiad.

"I'm more into science," Qin said.

Her love of science could follow her to Harvard next year.

Although students don't announce a major until the end of their sophomore year, Qin is hoping to major in neurobiology.

A self-study Qin did her freshman year on psychology led her to the major.

"I'm interested in behavior, but I didn't want to give up science," she said.

Although Qin said she is sad to give up her high school extracurricular activities, she's looking forward to new experiences at Harvard in the fall.

"I'm definitely a little nervous, but most people are," she said.

"I'm excited to be starting a new chapter in my life."

Before heading to college, Qin and other U.S. Presidential Scholars will meet the president in June to receive awards.

"I'm excited to meet all the other scholars," she said.

"It's a high-achieving and talented group. Being surrounded by them will be exciting."