Mitchell McClellan spent a lot of time in the principal's office when he started school.

Mitchell McClellan spent a lot of time in the principal's office when he started school.

Diagnosed as having ADHD with a disruptive disorder, McClellan might have caused a few problems for his elementary teachers.

But as graduation from Scioto High School and college approach, McClellan has grown and attained some significant achievements, including the rank of Eagle Scout.

"I was in the principal's office every day," McClellan said of his kindergarten year.

The Boy Scouts, however, acted as an outlet for McClellan's energy.

"When I joined Cub Scouts I didn't know what (Eagle Scout) was," he said.

"I knew Webelos. I knew Pinewood derbies. I thought we hung out at someone's house once a week."

McClellan hung in from first grade to make it to the Boy Scouts and found out about the highest scout ranking.

"In Boy Scouts they told me about the rank," he said.

"About 6 percent make it to eagle. Luckily I'm in the 6 percent."

McClellan's mother Lisa attributes her son's long involvement in the scouts to his other activities, which included the Scioto High School Marching Band and, more recently, a job at Kroger.

"He chose music over sports," she said. "So he's been able to go to meetings."

McClellan has been able to do much more than that, going on two high adventures at Philmont Scout Camp, lots of outings and earning merit badges and other honors.

"I learned about a lot of different jobs," McClellan said of merit badges.

"I learned that personal management is not for me ... . Carpentry was my favorite."

The people also helped to keep McClellan involved in the Troop 332 at St. Joan of Arc Church where McClellan completed his Eagle Scout project.

Before his project, scouts had to collect bricks each year to make a fire pit outside the church.

"It would take four hours and another hour to get the wood," McClellan said, adding that it would have to be torn down after they used it.

But last year, McClellan began working with the church and looked into permits to build a permanent fire pit near the church's Mary's Grotto.

"I wanted to make it more efficient with a patio and fire pit," he said.

It wasn't easy.

McClellan and volunteers had to break a paved asphalt area and build a patio and fire pit, but it's finished.

"All the time put into the project was about 125 hours," Lisa McClellan said.

With his Eagle Scout ranking attained, McClellan said he plans to stay involved with the scout troop until he heads to Bowling Green State University in the fall.

He said he plans to major in social work. He'll leave with lots of fond memories of his time with the Boy Scouts, including going door to door to sell the most popcorn in his troop.

"I got to 'pie' my Scout Master for selling the most popcorn," he said.