Construction in Dublin this summer won't be limited to the Riverside Drive area and the Interstate-270/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

Construction in Dublin this summer won't be limited to the Riverside Drive area and the Interstate-270/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

A roundabout, new road and the usual maintenance will be going on around the streets and paths of Dublin this summer.

The construction of a roundabout at the state Route 161 and Eiterman Road intersection began last month, said Paul Hammersmith, a city of Dublin engineer.

"That should be complete in October of this year," he said.

Also on the west side of Dublin, Crosby Court will be constructed to give Amazon subsidiary Vadata access to state Route 161 from its site near Houchard Road.

"Crosby Court will be built south from (state Route) 161," Hammersmith said. "We'll also do turn lane improvements on 161 to Crosby court. There will be a west bound left turn lane."

Clean up and final landscaping for projects completed last year will be done this summer as well.

According to Hammersmith, cleanup will go on at the final Emerald Parkway phase that was completed last year, in addition to cleanup at the Glick and Dublin Road intersection.

The city also plans to complete $6 million in road maintenance this summer in two phases. The first phase has already started and Hammersmith expects Dublin City Council to approve a contract for the second phase later this month.

Summer road maintenance was divided into two phases to group similar work together, Hammersmith said.

"It emphasizes the importance we put on maintaining infrastructure," he said.

Memorial Drive west of Muirfield Drive will be resurfaced this summer. Avery Road between Avery-Muirfield Drive and Brand Road and Cosgray Road north of Amlin will also be improved this summer, Hammersmith said.

"There will be quite a bit of work in the area around Tara Hill in Hemmingway Village," he said.

Improvements to Tara Hill Drive that includes replacing concrete curbs and gutters and rebuilding the roadway has already begun and will be done in phases, moving west.

During the improvements Tara Hill Drive will remain open to local traffic, but closed to through traffic, information from the city said.

Shared-use paths will also get some attention this summer.

"We've got some path connections to make," Hammersmith said. "Shared-use path maintenance will be ongoing throughout the entire city."

Significant path connections set to be made this year include connections north of Jerome High School and on Riverside Drive, north of Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park.

Work will also be done on the south parking lot at Avery Road Park, Hammersmith said.

"This is our time to really keep everything in good repair," he said.