People have asked why improvements to both the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange and the state Route 161/Riverside Drive roundabout and realignment are underway at the same time.

People have asked why improvements to both the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange and the state Route 161/Riverside Drive roundabout and realignment are underway at the same time.

The answer? The urgent need to make both of these heavily traveled areas safer and the city of Dublin's bold approach to securing regional, state and federal funding.

The interchange has long been a safety worry.

The new interchange will reduce congestion and eliminate unsafe weaving movements that have led to about 127 crashes annually, including a fatality in 2012.

Post-construction, that crash rate is expected to drop by about a fourth.

We secured the $73 million needed to fix it through an innovative partnership between the city of Dublin, Ohio Department of Transportation and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, which moved up the construction by at least a decade.

Local businesses and residents helped make the case for funding, too, which made this project a regional funding priority.

With funding in hand, ODOT moved quickly to put I-270/U.S. 33 on the 2015-17 construction calendar.

Independent of the interchange concerns, the city of Dublin was working to fix the state Route 161/ Riverside Drive intersection.

It could not adequately handle the roughly 50,000 vehicles that traveled through it daily in 2014, let alone what is projected as Dublin grows and develops.

It had the city's third highest intersection crash rate and nearly 40 percent of the crashes resulted in serious injuries.

The new roundabout and realignment will reduce crashes by at least 30-40 percent. Once funding was finalized, Dublin City Council decided these safety improvements were too important to delay until the I-270/US 33 construction was completed roughly two years from now.

That is why we're working so hard to coordinate these two transportation projects, and to keep you in the know.

With strong collaboration with our partners at ODOT, local businesses, neighborhood associations and city of Dublin staff, we have been able to keep everyone informed about travel changes and largely avoid major delays.

These improvements bring even more than safety and the latest advancements in road and bridge engineering.

Underground utilities are being improved too, including sewer and water, gas and electric, cable and telephone, and state-of-the-art fiber optic lines that make Dublin's high speed internet access one of the most robust in the nation.

All of these investments make Dublin a great place to live for our residents and play a major role in keeping and attracting more businesses here.

While we understand road construction is inconvenient, we're generally not seeing the traffic delays some had feared before these projects began.

We are keeping residents and businesses informed through e-mails, updates on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and face-to-face updates.

Dublin businesses and neighborhood associations have partnered with us to distribute "Dublin. Open for Business." brochures that provide helpful maps to get around the construction.

We also partner with the local media to provide the latest construction updates.

Get engaged and keep informed at DublinOhioUSA. gov/riverside and

You can also leave comments or suggestions on other ways we can help you get around.

We are working hard to ensure Dublin indeed remains open for business while under construction, which will largely be completed by fall, 2017.

Please be respectful of the hard working construction crews who are doing their best to keep these projects moving while also ensuring your -- and their -- safety.

Drive the posted speed limit and give them room to do their jobs.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation as we continue to make the investments that make Dublin such a great place to live.

Dublin City Manager Dana McDaniel submitted the City Manager's Notes column.