The Dublin City School District started the 2015-16 school year Aug. 26, but new students are still registering.

The Dublin City School District started the 2015-16 school year Aug. 26, but new students are still registering.

District officials are keeping an eye on new student enrollment, saying they have seen many more students than expected register for the 2015-16 school year.

Tracey Miller, district director of operations, told members of the Dublin City School District Board of Education last month that more than 700 students had registered since the end of the 2014-15 school year.

The average over the past few years is usually about 240 new students.

As of last week, Miller said the district started the new school year with a net gain of 531 students.

Withdrawals of students moving out of the district helped lower the number.

"We added 182 high school kids, 93 middle school kids and 256 elementary kids," Miller said.

The district began looking at options for more space last year when school enrollments crept above capacity.

The district is in the midst of planning to add 22 classrooms to six elementary schools. Construction is expected to start this fall.

The additions, however, will not be open until next fall and the district had to cap enrollments for some grades at some elementary schools.

"At the elementary (level), Glacier Ridge is crowded," Miller said, adding all grades except for second grade have been capped at the school.

New students who try to register in capped grades at their neighborhood schools are being bused to other elementary schools in the district.

"The only schools that don't have capped classes would be Bailey, Deer Run, Riverside and Scottish Corners, but they've got some (grades) on the watch list," Miller said.

Elementary students being bused to other schools because the closest was full number 129 as of last week.

At the middle school level, Grizzell and Davis are closed to inter-district transfers as are all three of Dublin's high schools.

"Once they hit capacity they can have no more transfers," Miller said.

Although school is in session, Miller said the district is planning to see more new students over the next few weeks.

"Last year after Labor Day we enrolled a couple hundred kids," he said.

"We were so busy all summer I don't expect to see that much again."

Superintendent Todd Hoadley told board members at an Aug. 24 meeting he expects more students this month.

"We don't allow people (living) in apartments to register until their lease starts," Hoadley said, adding several people could be moving into the district this month.

With new student enrollment so far eschewing past trends, Miller said the district is keeping a few extra staff members on hand to handle enrolling new students.

"We'll be ready," Miller said.

"If not, we'll scale back the substitute secretaries we have."