The Schottenstein Real Estate Group is planning more development in the Hyland-Croy area.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group is planning more development in the Hyland-Croy area.

The company last week announced plans for a $110 million investment in what officials are calling Hyland-Croy Gateway District, which includes the development of Jacquemin Farms on the west side of Hyland-Croy and Gateway Village on 45 acres on the east side of Hyland-Croy and north of Post Road.

The Jacquemin Farms proposal includes 300 apartments, senior living facilities and retail that will include space for Jacquemin Farms to operate.

The development is going through the planning process in Jerome Township and went before the zoning board Aug. 24.

The newest part of the development, Gateway Village, went before the Dublin Planning and Zoning Commission May 21 in a concept plan for informal review.

Don Hunter of the Schottenstein Real Estate Group said the 45 acres of land where Gateway Village is proposed is in Jerome Township, but the company plans to seek annexation of the property into Dublin.

"Both Dublin and Jerome Township are wonderful communities and places that people want to live, work and play," he said of the company's plans to invest in the area.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group will partner with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus' Diocesan Retirement Community Corporation on the Villas of St. Therese Dublin for an independent and assisted-living facility.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group will build the other senior living planned for Gateway Village which includes empty-nester homes in an active adult community.

Hunter said senior living is in high demand.

"What's happened is the Dublin population has aged and there is pent-up demand for empty-nester homes and as the population continues to age there's a need for senior retirement living in the way of assisted and independent living," Hunter said.

"There's a great demand in the area as people's housing needs change."

The proposal for the Hyland-Croy Gateway District does not come without challenges.

According to a traffic study done for the Jacquemin Farms development, Hyland-Croy is a highly traveled corridor and the intersection of Hyland-Croy and Post Road is expected to be failing in 2016.

According to Hunter, the Schottenstein Real Estate Group hopes to be part of a solution to traffic in the area.

"One of the wonderful things about the Hyland-Croy Gateway District is it will be able to generate tens of millions of dollars in property taxes and developer fees and help expand the tax base to help fund improvements needed along Hyland-Croy," he said.

The developer has already been meeting with Dublin, Union County and Jerome Township officials to talk about traffic solutions, Hunter said, and has pledged to make a significant financial contribution to infrastructure improvements.

Although approval for Jacquemin Farms and Gateway Village have not yet been granted, Hunter said the Scottenstein Real Estate Group hopes to move the projects forward in tandem.

"We believe we can move forward through approval and build both at the same time," he said.