An eight-story, 150-room hotel is planned for Bridge Park.

An eight-story, 150-room hotel is planned for Bridge Park.

Dublin City Council members got a peek at the proposed hotel during an informal review at a meeting Oct. 26.

With two blocks of Bridge Park already under construction, planning for another block that will house a hotel, conference center, parking and an office building is underway, said Marie Downie, Dublin city planner.

"A formal application will be submitted next," Downie said.

The hotel will be an AC Hotel, a European-inspired brand from Marriott.

There are only five other AC Hotels in the country. They are in Chicago, Kansas City, Miami Beach, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

"This building is very special," said Curt Moody, president and CEO of Moody Nolan Architects, the company designing the hotel.

"This is Marriott AC," Moody said. "It's better than Marriott.

"Marriott expects the architect to challenge and come up with an expression that resonates with a higher hotel brand."

As currently pitched, the hotel's main floor would be mostly glass and the entire building has a serpentine curve along Riverside Drive, Moody said.

The rooftop will offer a special amenity Moody thinks will be a draw.

"We took pains to create a usable space on the roof," he said, adding that a bar and outdoor garden area are included in plans.

"We took advantage of what we think will be the best view in the region," Moody said.

Rooms are expected to be anywhere from $150 to $160 per night, said Russ Hunter a representative from Bridge Park developer Crawford Hoying.

"They want the building to be special," Hunter said.

"They've given the architect a lot of latitude."

Council members were said they were excited about the rooftop bar, serpentine design of the building and dramatic elements of the architecture.

"I think it's going to be a centerpiece for sure," said Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher, a councilwoman.

"They've been putting them in exciting areas of the country," Councilman and Vice Mayor Rick Gerber said of the AC Hotel brand.

"I think it speaks volumes to Bridge Park that they would choose to come here ... I like the design.

"It's attractive. It's enticing."

Councilman Tim Lecklider, however, said he foresees some problems with the building height of the proposed hotel.

"I think there's going to be a waiver required to build this," Lecklider said.

"Why does it need to be eight stories?" he asked.

Moody said the height was necessary because the building is compact.

"This is not really a full eight (stories)," he said.

"In most cities it would be a six-story building."

Hunter said nearby office buildings will be six stories and the hotel will not look out of place.

"This is only about 10 feet taller than the six-story building down the street," he said.

The hotel would sit next to the Bridge Park conference center. The two buildings would be separated by a plaza.

With some informal comments from city council, Crawford Hoying will work on a formal application to submit to the city for approval.