Orange is the new green for Dublin in 2016 as numerous orange barrels mark construction areas.

Orange is the new green for Dublin in 2016 as numerous orange barrels mark construction areas.

Projects are already ongoing throughout the city and more will come in 2016 as Dublin faces an active five-year Capital Improvements Program.

"We have a very aggressive if not one of the most aggressive capital budgets in the next five years," said Dana McDaniel, Dublin's city manager.

In the New Year, the city will design several projects including a pedestrian bridge over the Scioto River that will land near Bridge Park on the east side and in Historic Dublin on the west side. The design of a riverside park on both sides of the Scioto River will also continue in 2016.

Elsewhere in the Bridge Street District, the Dublin branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library is expected to break ground this year. Library officials have said the Dublin branch will double in size and stay at its current location.

"We'll see the (Bridge Street District) vision come to reality," McDaniel said.

"We have the park design, bridge design and library. Those are exciting projects in the community and enduring projects that will set a tone for the city for years to come."

Mayor Michael Keenan said he's looking forward to seeing work progress in the Bridge Street District as Bridge Park moves ahead.

"It's really heartening to watch this all come to fruition," he said.

Bridge Park, developed by Dublin-based Crawford Hoying, is under construction on the east and west sides of the Scioto River, bringing 373,000 square feet of office, several restaurants, a hotel, event center, grocery store, 720 apartments, 70 condos and retail space in a walkable, urban-style environment.

Some blocks of the new development are expected to open this year.

"Certainly I'm looking forward to seeking the work on Bridge Park on the east side and watching that come out of the ground," Keenan said. "Hopefully we'll be doing dedications in 2016."

Alongside Bridge Park development, the city is at work on building a roundabout at the intersection of state Route 161 and Riverside Drive on the east side of the Scioto River. Riverside is also being relocated to the east.

According to Public Services Director Megan O'Callaghan, the roundabout and work at the U.S. Route 33/Interstate 270 interchange will be the major projects in 2016.

"There will be some other work going on in Bridge Street with the Bridge Park street network grid," O'Callaghan said.

Along with development in the Bridge Street District, McDaniel said the city will also focus on economic development elsewhere in the West Innovation District and legacy office buildings.

"It will remain a priority to retain fiscal health," he said.

Another focus for the city in 2016 will be services residents use every day such as multi-use trails and refuse hauling.

"My focus, based on the budget, is the best in class services to make sure we're keeping up service levels and public safety," McDaniel said. "Those are the highest priorities."

Maintenance on roads and other infrastructure will also continue into the New Year.

O'Callaghan said normal infrastructure work on parking lots, streets, sewers and multi-use paths will be done in the New Year, along with the construction of a few multi-use path connections.

"The Dublin Road path will wrap up," she said of the multi-use path project connecting trails south of Historic Dublin.

A path along Glick Road will also be connected between Muirfield Drive and Davington Drive, O'Callaghan said.

In the public safety area, McDaniel said the city will continue to keep officers trained and equipped.

"I'm proud to keep badges on the street with keeping vacancies filled," he said. "The chief has introduced programs with campaigns and public education.

"That's the key piece to public safety," McDaniel said.

City Council will also see some changes in 2016 with two new members taking their seats. The terms of Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher and Rick Gerber expired at the end of 2015. Christine Alutto and Chris Amorose-Groomes both started new terms in the New Year.

On the business side of things, Dublin will introduce Lean Six Sigma principles to staff this year.

The business practice utilizes a managerial philosophy and data to improve efficiency.

"We'll pick six processes and assign six staff members to those," McDaniel said.

Once staff members are trained in Lean Six Sigma, McDaniel said they'll be able to train other staff and can be traded to other areas in return for other Lean Six Sigma people.

"We like outside eyes looking at these processes," he said.