A large chunk of land off Frantz Road could be used to lure businesses to Dublin.

A large chunk of land off Frantz Road could be used to lure businesses to Dublin.

The city is considering the purchase of 23.695 acres of undeveloped land on Frantz Road for $2 million and Dublin City Council is expected to vote on the land acquisition Feb. 8.

The 24-acre site sits on the west side of Frantz Road, bordered by Blazer Parkway on the north and Rings Road to the south. Adjacent property houses a 400,000-square-foot, seven-story building with parking.

"As a proactive measure to address City Council's goal of developing and deploying strategies to ensure the city's corporate office space remains competitive, we have identified a parcel of vacant land in the Frantz Road corridor as a strategic development site," said Donna Goss, Dublin's director of development.

The city has been looking into ways to make Dublin's older, legacy office buildings in the area more appealing.

"It has high visibility and is a strategic location," Goss said of the land. "Six of Dublin's top 25 employers are based in the area."

According to information from the city, the land could be purchased from Nationwide Real Estate for $2 million. The parcel is one of the last undeveloped pieces of land in the area, Goss said.

What will become of the land, however, remains to be seen.

The 24 acres are zoned for premium office space or institutional use.

Goss said the city will conduct a study of office space and needs in the area before making any decisions.

"We'll look at the corridor and legacy offices to really understand what trends are and what it takes to make it successful," she said.

Having amenities nearby such as retail and restaurants is a valuable selling point to many businesses, Goss said.

The main goal, however, is land to bring in or retain business in Dublin.

"Look at Amazon," Goss said. "That's an example of getting jobs here. We could do the same thing here."

The city gave Amazon subsidiary Vadata 69 acres of land in the West Innovation District to bring a data center to town.

"Whether its recruitment or retention, we'll use (the land) to keep and grow (business)," Goss said.

Council members are expected to vote on the $2 million land purchase on Feb. 8, but Councilwoman Chris Amorose Groomes questioned the requested passage as an emergency.

According to Goss, an emergency-designation passage is needed because the land is on the market and the city has 90 days to close the sale.