A ceremony Jan. 21 offered Dublin Police Chief Heinz von Eckartsberg the chance to do something he said doesn't happen often enough: honor his employees.

A ceremony Jan. 21 offered Dublin Police Chief Heinz von Eckartsberg the chance to do something he said doesn't happen often enough: honor his employees.

The Dublin Division of Police annual awards ceremony recognized officers, volunteers and other staff for excellent work, saving lives and service to the community.

Dublin police officers are there to serve the community and von Eckartsberg said he asks all prospective employees why they want to do it before hiring is done.

"It always has something to do with 'I want to help people,' " he said.

"That's a good thing ... that is public service."

Investigator Joel Hall was honored as Officer of the Year.

According to von Eckartsberg, Hall is a dedicated and determined officer who worked investigations that yielded a stolen gun and several drug and theft arrests.

"He is a true leader in his unit and in the department," he said.

Hall was also honored with the Award of Achievement and with a 25-year longevity award for his time with the department.

Also honored last week was an officer who von Eckartsberg said "demands respect without having to say a word."

K-9 officer Bairre was honored for his service with the Dublin Police since 2006. He retired from the department at the end of 2015.

Bairre's partner Officer Eric Cochrun has been with the K-9 officer since the beginning and said he was involved in 428 arrests and 171 public demonstrations.

"His main job is as a location tool for narcotics," Cochrun said, adding that Bairre was deployed in the field 1,187 times during his career.

Bairre is spending his retirement with Cochrun and his family.

"He stays at my house," Cochrun said. "He's part of my family."

Also honored during awards ceremony was Community Service Officer Joe Sanderlin who was named the Volunteer of the Year.

Sanderlin clocked in more than 300 hours of service in 2015 and serves at community events and where he's needed, von Eckartsberg said.

Civilian of the Year honors went to Communications Technician Ben Karns and the Leadership Award was given to Officer Michael Laws.

Bureau Commander Jay Somerville was honored for his work with the 9-1-1 program office.

Another Award of Achievement went to Officer Chuck Collier and Life-Saving Awards went to Communication Technician Jeremy Bantz and Officer Steve Borton.

Certificates of Merit went to Communications Technician Kristopher Harris and Officers Alex Carlson, Chad Patrick, Phillip Hetzel, Deron Steinke and Devin Howard.

Military Service Awards for serving in the military while employed by the Dublin Police Department were given to Officers Jace Dalgord, Zachary Ford and Deron Steinke.

Service Awards honored five years of service for Cpl. Paul Ricca and Officer Justin Chappelear; 10 years for Cpl. Tom Gallagher; and 15 years for Officer Eric Walden.

Longevity Awards went to Officer Collier for 20 years; Officer Mike Dunson for 25 years; and Det. Scott Davis and Office Assistant Pat Knapik for 30 years.

Exceptional Attendance Awards also were given to Bureau Commander Jay Somerville; Serg. Nick Tabernik; Cpl. Tom Gallagher and William Morris; Officers Alex Carlson, Eric Cochrun, Kyle Groves, Phillip Hetzel, Bryan McClain, Jacob Stoll and Jacob Williams; and Communication Technicians Christopher Burkhardt, Benjamin Karns, Caitlynn Seymour and Stephanie Skipworth.