What is a Learning Management System and why will it help students and parents?

What is a Learning Management System and why will it help students and parents?

A LMS is an online classroom that allows students and teachers to work together to share materials and gives parents the access to see their child's progress and assignments.

Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, we will be implementing an LMS designed to make classroom information and curriculum more easy to access for parents, students and teachers at the secondary level.

Using a single login, a parent will be able to access each of their students' homework in grades 6-12. The new LMS will not only provide all of these great tools that enhance communication, collaboration, and the learning process, but these tools are easy to use and accessible to anyone on any device.

Historically, at the secondary level, teachers chose their own online platforms to share assignments, and information with parents and students.

This approach put secondary parents in the position of having to know how to access and navigate possibly four, five or more different LMS-type platforms to keep up to speed with their student's assignments and performance.

This is obviously because secondary students have multiple classes and teachers.

An LMS called Schoology will be used in grades 6-12 beginning next year.

Elementary school students and teachers will continue to use Google Classroom and other tools. The decision to implement a singular LMS at the secondary level came about after a lengthy vetting process by a committee consisting of teachers and administrators.

The committee reviewed many different systems and decided Schoology best met the criteria members established, which included ease of use, accessibility from many devices, connection to Google, and inclusion of teachers, students and parents.

The LMS will simplify the process of keeping track of all of coursework and will make communicating with teachers easier because of the messaging system built into the system.

And of course, one of the key components to any new piece of implemented technology is training for all who use it.

More information about Schoology will be made available prior to introduction in the next school year. We will be delivering thorough training to teachers, students, and parents as we move forward with implementation.

The implementation of the new LMS is only one phase of a three-year technology plan being developed by our new Technology Committee which began meeting in December.

We are proud to have members of our community in the IT fields, along with interested parents, teachers, and administrators who are coming together to address this important issue.

Technology and teaching must go hand in hand. Our plan will focus on how technology can support and improve the learning process for 15, 500 students and 1,800 teachers

We are committed to finding the most efficient and effective ways to utilize technology that supports student learning.

Scott Sibberson, the Dublin City School District chief technology officer, submitted the School Notes column.