Hosket Ulen Insurance Solutions and Anthony Vince Nail Spa are the two latest tenants announced as part of Crawford Hoying's Bridge Park development in Dublin.

Hosket Ulen Insurance Solutions and Anthony Vince Nail Spa are the two latest tenants announced as part of Crawford Hoying's Bridge Park development in Dublin.

Both tenants will be on the development's east side.

Locally owned and independent agency Hosket Ulen will lease space in Bridge Park East, moving in during 2017.

Anthony Vince, with 23 locations throughout the country offering manicures, pedicures, facials and massages, will also move in next year.

More tenants should come online soon, according to the developers.

Crawford Hoying expects to announce five to seven new restaurants within the next 60 to 90 days, Principal Brent Crawford said.

"We really want a mix of restaurants, from fast casual to fine dining," he said.

Crawford said he wants to identify potential restaurants within Bridge Park first before other types of tenants.

"They're really the energy of any area," he said, adding that the Short North's success is driven by its numerous dining options.

Recent tenant announcements for the development have included Cameron Mitchell Restaurants' Cap City and The Avenue, moving in on the east and west sides of the Bridge Park development, respectively.

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar will move into the building that will become Crawford Hoying's new headquarters and will open no later than July 2017, Crawford said. That space is at the corner of Riverside Drive and Bridge Park Avenue.

The Avenue, a steak tavern, will move into a space directly across the street from the Dublin Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and is expected to open in August or September 2017, Crawford said.

The RAM Restaurant and Brewery, a tenant slated for Bridge Park's east side off of Bridge Park Avenue, is slated to open Spring 2017.

Crawford also labeled fitness as a critical part of development.

"We wanted that on board early," he said.

Mesh Fitness will move in toward the end of this year or early 2017near the relocated Riverside Drive and Tuller Ridge Road.

Crawford said he expects to announce other tenants such as banks, spas, hair salons, grocery stores and entertainment venues in coming months.

The development plan is broken into eight blocks, named A through H.

Crawford Hoying is first focusing on the part of the development labeled Block C, Crawford said.

The first tenants in that section of the development are expected to be in September or early October. Also during that time, 154 apartments, already being pre-leased, will open.

A significant portion of those apartments have been leased by empty-nesters, Crawford said. The 41 condos on Bridge Park's west side, excluding about five or six units, have all been pre-leased almost exclusively by empty-nesters as well.

Block B, in which space is being leased now, should be open in April 2017, Crawford said.

Block A, where the convention center is being built, is scheduled to open in July 2017.

Crawford said construction is a bit ahead of schedule because of the relatively mild winter.

"We've really been able to push through quickly without delay," he said.

The Bridge Park development is going to be a new destination the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau can sell and market to potential visitors, said Scott Dring, the bureau's executive director.

Those visitors could include those visiting the city for a family trip, sports events, business conferences or trade shows.

Whereas Historic Dublin has had great restaurants in the area, Bridge Park will be a unique development that positions the city for future success, Dring said. Money spent in the city generates revenue for the city.

"We're always looking for unique things to sell and market the city," Dring said.