Dublin Coffman High School swimmer Nichole Gill has a basic philosophy when explaining her success in the pool.

Dublin Coffman High School swimmer Nichole Gill has a basic philosophy when explaining her success in the pool.

"I always visualize that I'm going to win and I don't have any negative thoughts because I know if you have negative thoughts before you race you're typically not going to win," said the junior, who defended her district title in the 100-yard breaststroke at the Division I district meet on Feb. 19 at Ohio State. "I know I've been training hard all season, so I thought I should deserve to win it if I try hard enough."

Gill is seeded sixth in the state (1 minute, 4.98 seconds) in the 100 breast, and will look to improve on last season's third-place effort at state, which began Feb. 23 and runs through Saturday, Feb. 25 at C.T. Branin Natatorium in Canton.

Gill will compete in the 200 individual medley after finishing fourth (2:08.1) at district. Gill, who finished 10th (2:08.8) last season at state, is seeded 17th.

A busy Gill also will compete in the 400 freestyle and 200 medley relays.

Zoe Spornhauer, Cara Demyan, Katie Kaffenbarger and Gill placed third (1:48.42) in the 200 medley relay at district; and Monica Welcker, Kaffenbarger and Demyan will join Gill on the 400 free relay after finishing fifth (3:39.04) at district.

Steffi Zepp, Kaffenbarger, Demyan and Welcker will compete in the 200 free relay after finishing fifth (1:40.57) at district.

The girls team was fifth (165) behind first-place Upper Arlington (505).

Junior Orion Martin and senior Tim O'Brien will lead the boys team at state.

Martin is seeded 17th in the 100 free after finishing third (47.59) at district, and O'Brien is 19th in the 200 IM after placing fifth (1:57.75).

Martin and O'Brien will join seniors Srikanth Gowda and Daniel Flower on the 200 medley relay, which finished third (1:38.09) at district and is seeded eighth at state.

The boys team finished fifth (140) behind first-place UA (432).

"For the most part, I'm happy," coach Steven VonSchriltz said. "You're always hoping for a couple better swims here and there, but I thought we did pretty well."

•Junior Jake Moore will lead the Jerome boys team at state, as he qualified in the 50 and 100 free.

Moore is seeded 12th (21.6) in the 50 free after finishing third at district; and is 19th in the 100 free after placing fourth (47.64).

"I want to at least get in the top 16 in both events," Moore said. "I'm hoping to beat my times and do well."

Junior diver Jacob Kasper will be making a return trip to state after winning the event at district with 431.1 points. Kasper, who finished 17th (248.2) last season at state, is seeded ninth.

The boys team finished eighth (122).

Freshman Morgan Quesnel has been a solid performer all season for the girls team and earned state berths in the 100 free and 100 butterfly.

Quesnel is seeded 10th in the 100 fly after placing fourth (57.36) at district and 19th in the 100 free after finishing seventh (53.02).

Freshman diver Maggie Heller had an impressive district, finishing second (408.9) to Olentangy Liberty junior Alexandra Clay (448.20) and is seeded 12th at state.

"All my hard work that I put in this year showed (Feb. 19)," Heller said. "I did my best. I have come a long way. I'm really proud of myself."

The girls team finished ninth (100).

After not qualifying a swimmer for state last season, coach Tyler Prose is looking forward to the trip.

"We didn't have any swimmers make it to states last year, so two this year is great," Prose said. "Our relays were just a little slower than the district average. We thought we'd stack up a little better, but we didn't."

•Sophomore Liz Harty will be Scioto's lone representative at state.

Harty missed practice time during the week as she battled the flu and a migraine headache. Although she hoped for a better finish, Harty earned an at-large berth in the 100 fly after finishing fifth (57.77) at district. She is seeded 15th at state.

Harty did not earn a state berth in her other specialty event, the 100 free, after finishing eighth (54.04) at district.

"I was sick for a week and made a trip to the hospital," Harty said. "I hope to come back from where I was and hopefully do a quicker swim and hope to get to finals at state. My coaches are proud of me for what I've done here."

Last season at state, Harty finished fifth in the 100 free (52.53) and eighth in the 100 fly (57.45).

The boys team finished 13th (64) and the girls were 17th (25).

"There were things out of our control," coach Joe Cahill said. "There were illnesses and I think we tapered better for our sectional versus district. I guess we will change some things up next year."


Below are the state qualifiers with district result and state seed for the Coffman, Jerome and Scioto boys and girls swimming and diving teams:


Boys - Orion Martin: 100 free (49.65, third, 17th); Tim O'Brien: 200 IM (1:57.75, fifth, 19th), 200 medley relay (1:38.09, third, 16th); Girls - Nichole Gill: 100 breast (1:04.98, first, sixth), 200 free relay (1:40.57, fifth, 23rd), 400 free relay (3:39.04, fifth, 19th), 200 medley relay (1:48.42, third, eighth)

Others who competed at district: Boys - Josh Cheslock: diving (166.75, 17th); Josh Farr: 100 free (52.62, 29th); Daniel Flower: 50 free (23.42, 26th), 100 free (51.81, 26th); Srikanth Gowda: 100 back (55.71, 13th), 100 fly (53.15, seventh); Grant Horton: 100 back (1:03.25, 29th); Orion Martin: 200 free (1:44.48, fifth); Tim O'Brien: 100 back (54.42, seventh); Anirudh Tarimala: 500 free (5:14.60, 24th); Alec Vaughn: diving (339.40, seventh); 200 free relay (1:36.18, 16th); 400 free relay (3:19.51, eighth); Girls - Cara Demyan: 100 free (54.47, ninth); Jessica Fusco: diving (100.95, 27th); Katie Kaffenbarger: 50 free (24.91, ninth); Sara Mayo: 100 free (57.29, 26th); Rachel McNeil: 100 breast (1:09.93, 18th); Kelly Murphy: diving (279.70, 13th); Zoe Spornhauer: 100 back (1:02.20, 22nd), 100 fly (1:02.58, 22nd); Lily Suarez: diving (103.70, 26th); Monica Welcker: 200 free (1:56.88, eighth), 100 breast (1:09.79, 17th); Steffi Zepp: 500 free (5:17.46, ninth)


Boys - Jacob Kasper: diving (431.10, first, ninth); Jake Moore: 50 free (21.60, third, 12th), 100 free (47.64, fourth, 19th); Girls - Maggie Heller: diving (408.90, second, 12th); Morgan Quesnel: 100 free (53.02, seventh, 19th), 100 fly (57.36, fourth, 10th)

Others who competed at district: Boys - Tanner Barton: 200 free (1:48.89, eighth), 100 fly (53.55, ninth); Stephen Gaber: 500 free (5:28.20, 29th); Matt Minns: 200 free (1:51.94, 18th), 500 free (5:08.70, 21st); Jack Moberger: diving (156.45, 18th); Graham Rossi: diving (273.25, 12th); 200 free relay (1:30.63, eighth); 400 free relay (3:19.36, seventh); 200 medley relay (1:52.54, 20th); Girls - Meg Boothe: 200 IM (2:26.93, 27th); Hayley Bratys: 50 free (25.89, 20th), 100 breast (1:14.20, 28th); Cara Corroto: 50 free (25.97, 21st); Maureen Dmytryk: 200 free (2:06.56, 24th), 500 free (5:39.93, 20th); Kristen Gaber: 500 free (5:28.74, 14th), 200 IM (2:21.28, 17th); Bailey Irelan: 200 free (2:03.93, 19th), 500 free (5:31.86, 16th); Hannah Kayuha: 50 free (25.52, 15th); Elizabeth Lapham: 50 free (26.21, 24th), 100 free (57.22, 25th); Stacie Melody: 100 breast (1:15.57, 30th), 200 IM (2:20.63, 16th); Cori Overs: diving (87.75, 29th); Shannon Vinci: 200 free (2:11.21, 28th); 200 free relay (1:40.88, seventh); 400 free relay (3:43.59, 10th); 200 medley relay (2:00.52, 17th)


Boys - None; Girls - Liz Harty: 100 fly (57.77, fifth, 15th)

Others who competed at district: Boys - Sean Earley: 100 breast (1:00.79, seventh), 200 IM (2:04.22, 16th); Hayato Ida: 100 breast (1:02.39, 14th), 200 IM (2:05.26, 19th); Josh Reed: 200 free (1:52.86, 20th), 500 free (5:01.78, 16th); Noah Schuster: 100 back (1:00.29, 22nd), 100 fly (59.01, 28th); Michael Sneddon: 100 fly (57.50, 22nd), 200 IM (2:07.13, 21st); Adam Van Heyde: diving (351.40, sixth); 200 free relay (1:37.67, 18th); 400 free relay (3:27.62, 12th); 200 medley relay (1:44.03, seventh); Girls - Liz Harty: 100 free (54.04, eighth); Riley Whalen: 200 IM (2:26.49, 25th)