To the editor:

To the editor:

I began reading ThisWeek's "City looks to fiscal-impact study to guide future" story with great interest but then became disgustingly amused.

I am unaware of a city that engages expensive consultants to do more costly studies than Gahanna does on a per-capita basis -- "$153,000 to help chart the city's financial future and set the course for ongoing development." I trust the city didn't use the same consultant that recommended a $15-million investment of the taxpayers' money in Creekside. Has the city studied where Creekside was supposed to be today with where it is in actuality?

City planner Matt Huffman is quoted as saying, "Gahanna is pretty well-landlocked. We need to make the most of what we have."

Given the opportunity to make the most of the FOP property, Gahanna, in response to a virtual handful of residents whipped to a frenzy by an attorney (who claimed hundreds if not thousands of trees would be destroyed), relegated the property to what it continues to be today: a negative fiscal impact on Gahanna and the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District.

The story continued: "Creekside opened with retail and office development allowing it to maximize revenue streams."

Maximize revenue streams?

How many condominiums actually are sold thus far?

The story states the report focuses on several different redevelopment opportunities, including the Hamilton Road-Granville Road corridor.

What does the $153,000 study have to say about redevelopment of the FOP property?

Will it be redeveloped with a positive fiscal impact on the schools and the city or will it, once again, fall victim to council's, the mayor's and the administration's unrelenting desire to protect a potentially unwise investment in Creekside? If the latter occurs again, it is logical to believe that Stoneybrook Church will acquire the FOP property for pennies on the dollar, creating an enormous negative fiscal impact on the residents of Gahanna, the schools and the members of the FOP.

Let's all hope Creekside is a resounding success and the taxpayers' $15-million is totally secure. Otherwise, the taxpayers should, in my opinion, circulate recall petitions and let the voters decide if Gahanna's elected officials should remain in office.

Michael A. Dehlendorf