Traditions at Stygler Road had no deficiencies this year, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Traditions at Stygler Road had no deficiencies this year, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Nursing homes are graded annually on such factors as environment, nursing and dietary practices of nursing homes, making sure every employee has had a background check and ensuring that all nurses are certified and licensed.

Traditions, 167 N. Stygler Road, received a zero-deficiency rating.

Admissions and marketing director Tiffany Affolter said the average for a skilled nursing facility is 7. She said Traditions usually has one to two deficiencies on the report card.

"We normally have one little one," she said. "It is nice to get one that is deficiency-free."

Affolter said the survey looks at billing to make sure accounts are right and at nurses to make sure medication is being administered properly and wounds are being treated appropriately. Residents also must be receiving proper nutrition.

Other positive things are going on at Traditions, Affolter said. National Church Residences, the owner of Traditions, recently broke ground for an expansion of a 32-unit Housing and Urban Development senior-housing project at 165 N. Stygler Road.

The housing is geared to those age 62 and older. NCR is remodeling an existing unit floor by floor with a $2.5-million grant from HUD.

"We are redoing rooms, making them a little more senior-friendly," Affolter said. "We are putting a larger elevator in, a dining room and some offices so we can have nurses and aides on staff."

The facility currently is geared to HUD seniors who don't need assisted living, Affolter said. Those residents will have a right to stay after the renovations are completed or may choose to move next door to the independent-living facility.

Because renovations are being done one floor at a time, residents will be only temporarily displaced, Affolter said.

The assisted-living facility will house seniors who, after receiving rehabilitation, aren't yet well enough to return home but who can't afford to move into a nursing center that could cost $6,000 to $8,000 a month, compared to the HUD facility's $2,000 to $5,000 a month.

"This will help those seniors that are falling through the cracks," Affolter said. "They are living in a senior apartment with some benefit from having a nurse there."

One resident recently said he is looking forward to getting three meals a day. Previously, he received only one guaranteed meal from Meals on Wheels, Affolter said.

Renovations to the assisted-living facility should be completed by 2010. The grant gives NCR two years to finish renovations because people still live in the space.

Traditions at Stygler Road is expected to break ground in November on a new gymnasium that is expected to be completed by midsummer 2009.

Currently, Traditions has two smaller gyms that offer occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Many times patients need additional strength-training, Affolter said, so when they go home they won't have problems adjusting.

With the new gym residents will be able to do all of their therapy in one area, she said. The gym will be used by residents who need therapy once a week and by long-term residents who need a restorative program, she said.