Five Gahanna Lincoln High School art teachers saw their artwork featured on the district's holiday card this year.

Five Gahanna Lincoln High School art teachers saw their artwork featured on the district's holiday card this year.

Gahanna-Jefferson Superintendent Gregg Morris said the holiday card was a project initiated by his wife, Kim Morris, and district public-information officer Mary Otting. In the past, cards have featured student artwork.

"This is a very special card," Morris said, adding that the holiday card features the distinct styles of district art teachers and their exceptional talent.

Mary Anne Donato said her artwork features a picture of her nieces sledding.

"I just thought it was appropriate for the winter holiday card," she said. "I took the picture myself."

Donato, who attended art school, said art education has changed significantly. Students now use the computer for art.

"We draw using the computer and electronic pen," Donato said.

Because of her teaching, Donato said she doesn't have as much time to devote to art as she would like. But she draws whenever she can, and is especially interested in pencil drawing.

At GLHS she teaches digital photography, black and white photography and introduction to visual art. She has been teaching at GLHS since 1989.

"We are very fortunate (to) have qualified art teachers in all of the areas," Donato said. "I was honored to have my artwork displayed with theirs."

Marc Ross currently has a show on abstract art at the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth.

His artwork on the card is a painting he had done in the 1990s. He submitted several works and let district officials pick the piece they liked.

"I like the manipulation of the paintbrush and the different ways of paint," he said.

Ross has a masters' degree in fine arts. At GLHS he teaches introduction to painting and a senior survey class. He has been at the high school for eight years.

"It keeps me involved with young people," Ross said.

Margaret Scott's artwork features lace that was crocheted by her grandmother.

"I work in porcelain," she said. "I primarily work in clay and ceramic sculptures. This series is supposed to be like flowers."

Scott said she had a show called "My Grandmother's Buttons," featuring handicraft done by women with an artistic flair.

"Not a lot of us put doilies on our end tables," she said.

Scott was honored to have her artwork featured in the holiday card, she said. She has been teaching ceramics at GLHS for 10 years.

As a single mom of two children and a full-time teacher, she doesn't have as much time for art as she would like.

Sara Fairchild's piece on the holiday card features three silhouettes of swallows with fluorescent yellow Dogwood blooms. It was a multilayered piece, she said.

"I work with fluorescent acrylic paint on paper," Fairchild said. "I use a lot of punched holes and eyelets."

She has been teaching drawing and painting at GLHS for 10 years and has a bachelor's degree in fine arts.

"I love art," she said. "It (teaching) seemed like a natural fit. The students are great. When I did my field experience it felt like a fit."

The artwork of Leeza Hirtle is also featured on the district holiday card.