Jennifer Lopez said she decided to open her astrology store, Zodiac, at Creekside because she envisioned its possibilities.

Jennifer Lopez said she decided to open her astrology store, Zodiac, at Creekside because she envisioned its possibilities.

"The development at Creekside is new and exciting," she said. "I see a lot of potential."

Lopez said she wanted an artsy, progressive kind of store so she thought about opening in the Short North. But she decided to give Creekside a try because it was closer to home and she could spend more time with her daughters.

When Lopez was little she began reading Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs," the first astrology book to appear on the New York Times best-seller list.

Lopez, a Leo, said it was fun to see how many of the sign's character traits matched her personality. The book inspired her interest in astrology, and she carries the book in her store today, she said. She also began to do readings for her friends and family.

"It was a fun way to understand my friends, parents, siblings and spouse," Lopez said. "When I married, I started studying and being more serious."

Lopez said she started reading all of the astrology books that she could get. When the Internet became more prevalent, she began visiting astrology sites and found a 30-year-old astrology shop in London.

"It's in an old cool building in a neat London neighborhood," she said.

She soon developed an interest in opening her own astrology store, she said. A Realtor friend found the site at 69 Mill St. Lopez said 69 is the astrology symbol for Cancer, and 6 and 9 are significant numbers in numerology. She opened Zodiac on June 20 -- the summer solstice

Doing readings at birthday parties started as a source of entertainment. Lopez realized that by opening her own store, she could do more readings.

Patrons who pay the fee for an astrology reading get a report explaining how the sun, moon and planets were lined up when they were born, and how that lineup influenced who they are today. Zodiac hosts a number of astrology readers on the second Saturday of the month, including readers of tarot cards, numerology, feng shui, handwriting and palm reading.

"All of those influences together is what makes you you and affects how you approach life," Lopez said. "It is kind of fun to get the whole picture."

A reading could show the best career and help with interpersonal relationships by helping a client to understand others, she said.

Lopez was able to open her store after nine months of construction. She said owning a retail store is new for her because she previously worked in state government and health-care administration. She has been able to draw on friends' and neighbors' retail experience, accounting backgrounds and artistic abilities, she said.

"That is what I feel most fortunate about," Lopez said. "I had all the resources available to me. My mom was a big supporter."

Those visiting Zodiac for their reading will find astrology-related items: art, jewelry, note cards and soaps by local artists. Visitors also will see a variety of crystals, from amethyst to malachite, and books guiding the use of crystals.

"I have a commitment to buying local when possible and to always choosing the earth-friendly option in everything from the merchandise to the bags and materials used in the store," Lopez said.

She said she envisions Olde Gahanna becoming the "Grandview of the East Side" in a few years. When she lived in Grandview 20 years ago, the same issues -- parking, old businesses next to new and a variety of building styles -- were causing concern.

"It has since become one of the places to live, eat, shop and socialize in all of central Ohio because of the restaurants and independent shops there," she said.

This is the fourth in ThisWeek's series, "Women of Creekside."