One of the longest-operating restaurants in Gahanna has closed.

One of the longest-operating restaurants in Gahanna has closed.

Damon's Grill, 358 S. Hamilton Road, shut down Tuesday, Oct. 20. Those who showed up were met with two signs on the doors. Both read, "Damon's Grill Gahanna is closing," and suggested visiting the Damon's in Westerville.

Inside, the photos, jerseys and other sports memorabilia that normally graced the walls of Damon's Grill were gone.

A number of employees and a manager were there.

"We're closed," one of them announced.

Regular customers were caught off guard by the closing. They came to the door and found the signs.

At the Westerville Damon's on Tuesday, one employee said he had been fielding calls all day from people asking if the Gahanna restaurant had closed. They were calling in for a carryout order, he said.

Kenneth Bell, Gahanna deputy police chief, said the removal of materials must have been low-key.

"Neither the chief nor I knew anything about it," he said. "Third-shift (officers) were just as surprised as all of us. They neither heard nor saw anything."

The Damon's in Lancaster's River Valley Mall closed a few weeks ago.

Max & Erma's, which is owned by the same company, G&R Acquisitions of Pittsburgh, recently filed for bankruptcy protection. The chain has 106 Max & Erma's restaurants, including one at 1317 N. Hamilton Road.