Six Democrats, one Republican and one Libertarian have announced their candidacies for the 3rd Ohio Senate District.

Six Democrats, one Republican and one Libertarian have announced their candidacies for the 3rd Ohio Senate District.

The eight candidates filed their completed petitions with the Franklin County Board of Elections by the Thursday, Feb. 18, deadline and are expected to be certified no later than Thursday, Feb. 25.

Democrats Jim Wiley, Starshemah Johnson, Beverly Campbell, Cortez Lee Bogard, Benjamin Kessler and Roxyanne Burrus will face each other in the Democratic primary May 4.

Republican Kevin Bacon and Libertarian William Yarbrough are running unopposed in the primary.

David Goodman (R-New Albany) currently holds the seat but can't seek re-election because of term limits.

Wiley, 65, a councilman in the village of Obetz, said he is running because he is unhappy with the current state of politics.

He said he is running on the basis of "mutual respect."

"I am going to try to reach that middle," he said.

Kessler, 31, a Bexley City Council member, said he decided to run because he saw "a need for good leadership at the Statehouse."

Roxyanne Burrus, 59, of Reynoldsburg, said she is running because she wants to improve central Ohio neighborhoods.

"I really feel like it's important for us to step forward and do what we can to make those things happen," she said. "My focuses are on creating jobs in our communities, unemployment (and) making sure we continue to provide quality education for our district."

Burrus owns Cartier Burrus, a community development and consulting firm. She has never run for public office.

Bacon, 38, currently represents the 21st District in the Ohio House of Representatives. The Minerva Park resident previously served as a Blendon Township trustee.

"I have enjoyed my time in public office," said Bacon, who received the Franklin County Republican Party endorsement earlier this month. "I really enjoyed it, and running for township trustee helped me to build the experience I (needed) to run for the House, and serving in the House and having legislative experience has given me the tools to take on more challenges and represent more people."

Yarbrough, 40, a New Albany resident, said education, heath care and the economy are top priorities for him.

"Both Republicans and Democrats would rather use these as wedge issues to pander and patronize," Yarbrough said when he announced his candidacy. "These issues are real and have real implications for Ohio families. There are solutions, but they first require a strong economy, plentiful jobs and a solvent state government."