Gahanna City Council is considering a fleet-maintenance sharing agreement with Columbus and seven central Ohio suburbs.

Gahanna City Council is considering a fleet-maintenance sharing agreement with Columbus and seven central Ohio suburbs.

City services director Dottie Franey said Gahanna has been involved in a regional partnership initiative with many central Ohio communities since 2011, and a fleet subcommittee was formed as a result of that relationship.

"The fleet managers group meets quarterly to compare parts contracts," she said. "We've modified our code so we can purchase parts from other communities."

In addition to Gahanna, the communities involved in the subcommittee are Columbus, Dublin, Grandview Heights, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Worthington, New Albany and Westerville.

Cities' fleet vehicles typically include trucks, plows, cruisers and other service vehicles.

Franey said municipalities in the group had interest in hiring one of the other municipalities to perform their fleet-maintenance services while other municipalities were interested in taking on work.

"If anything, we'd offer the services," Franey told ThisWeek. "Gahanna does not foresee needing to purchase any fleet-maintenance services from any of these municipalities; however, we are completely open to providing services to any of them."

She said Gahanna has performed maintenance for townships for decades.

"We do some maintenance for Jefferson Township, and we do Minerva Park police cruisers," she said.

She said the main benefit of the fleet subcommittee would be the sharing of information.

"I think it will provide more positive sharing of information to compare what they're paying for products and services to see who's getting the best deal," Franey said. "I think that's one of the best opportunities."

In discussing their respective fleet operations, including maintenance and repairs, the member cities have agreed in principle that using the maintenance and repair services of a member city could result in efficiencies and/or cost savings. "Each member city may provide fleet-maintenance services to, or receive the fleet-maintenance services of, another member city by entering into one or more 'letters of agreement' detailing the agreed upon transaction, consistent with the scope of services," the proposed agreement states.

Franey said the fleet subcommittee also is compiling all training needs to determine any cost savings by training as one group. The proposed agreement is for an initial 12 months, with four 1-year renewal periods.

No costs are associated with the proposed agreement that would be effective on the last date signed by a member city. Mayor Becky Stinchcomb said she hopes the agreement is just the beginning of more to follow, thanks to the regional city managers partnership. The regional city managers group includes Grove City, whereas the fleet-maintenance initiative does not.