Gahanna is in the process of bringing sanitary sewer to a section along Price Road that eventually would serve 22 parcels.

Gahanna is in the process of bringing sanitary sewer to a section along Price Road that eventually would serve 22 parcels.

Service director Dottie Franey requested council's permission Oct. 28 to bid Phase 1 of the Price Road sanitary sewer project.

She said the purpose of the project is to design and construct the Price Road sewer, which would provide sewer service to a section of the city that's currently without it.

All of the area addressed by the project is in the city of Gahanna.

The new sewer district will provide service to 22 parcels that are utilizing onsite treatment systems, Franey said.

Phase 1 will involve constructing the main trunk sewer to the west, across city property, and will serve three parcels: one owned by the city, one currently vacant and one on the south side of Price Road.

Phase 1 is scheduled to be constructed in 2014.

City engineer Karl Wetherholt said Phase 2 would enable the city to remove the lift station.

"We'll get to it just about the time it needs to be rebuilt for a second time," Wetherholt said. "The problem with Phase 2 is right-of-way acquisition. We hope people will sell the right of way for it. If not, we will have to file with the courts."

Franey said the Franklin County Board of Health and Ohio EPA strongly recommend providing gravity sewer to eliminate onsite treatment systems.

Franklin County and EPA officials are very happy about the project, she said.

"We are respectfully requesting permission to bid this project," Franey said.

She also requested council's permission to bid a Sycamore Run stream restoration project.

In conjunction with the Sycamore Woods Condominium Association, the city has identified a degraded segment of Sycamore Run with rapidly eroding channel banks, Franey said.

The stream channel straddles property owned by the condo association and the city.

"They own part of stream bank, and the city owns part," Franey said. "They asked that it be a joint project. We have identified a stream restoration project that will provide a solution that improves water quality and aquatic habitat."

She said the city has received a grant for $203,000 for the project.

Council also is considering a Franklin County Public Health contract for 2014.

Franklin County performs health services for Gahanna, including inspections of sanitary systems, food establishments, hotels, public swimming pools and spas. Additionally, the health department enforces housing sanitation and performs radon testing.

Franey said the annual amount of the 2014 program reflects a 3-percent increase, for a total of $203,230.82.

Sufficient funds will be requested in the 2014 appropriations to cover the contract, she said.