Gahanna is prepared for any upcoming inclement weather with plenty of salt and brine to clear roadways, according to city officials.

Gahanna is prepared for any upcoming inclement weather with plenty of salt and brine to clear roadways, according to city officials.

Service Director Dottie Franey said the streets division has a healthy supply of brine and more than 900 tons of salt in storage for use in the event of inclement weather.

Franey said the city's snow-removal policy places every street into one of four categories based on the street's usage, access and safety.

"The category determines the priority of when and how streets are treated and cleared," she said.

The categories are: arterial (main streets), collector (streets that lead to arterials), residential (neighborhood streets) and courts.

During snowfall events of 2 inches or less, streets won't be plowed.

When snowfall exceeds 2 inches, arterial streets are plowed first. After all the arterial streets are cleared, plows will work on the collector streets. Following collector streets are residential slopes, residential streets and then courts.

During snowfall events, Franey said, only arterial, collector and residential streets with slopes will receive salt.

She provided several driving tips to remember when traveling during snow and ice events, including:

* Drive with extra care and leave additional distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

* Maintain a distance of no less than 100 feet behind a snowplow truck.

* Avoid passing snowplow trucks because the drivers can't always see a smaller car about to pass.

* When possible, park vehicles in driveways or parking lots and off streets to give plow trucks room to plow.

Roundabouts are open

In addition to traveling regular roadways, Gahanna area residents now have two roundabouts to navigate along Hamilton Road.

City Engineer Rob Priestas said the city has been pleased with how well the new roundabouts have been functioning.

"The roundabout at the intersection of Clark State Road and Hamilton Road has proven to be very efficient and has drastically helped to reduced motorist delays at this intersection," he said.

The other roundabout is on Hamilton Road at the Northeast School.

"Now that the new roundabouts are functioning, we would like to remind motorists to slow down to 20 mph or less as they approach and enter the roundabouts, and to make sure that before they enter the roundabouts, they must yield to motorists that are already in the roundabout," Priestas added.

He said crews would work through the winter to complete the Hamilton Road Central project as weather allows.

However, the final pavement surface and final project restoration are not expected to be completed until the spring or summer of 2017.