The German Village Singers next week will honor area icon Fred Holdridge in their spring concert.

The German Village Singers next week will honor area icon Fred Holdridge in their spring concert.

The local singers will perform "What's Poppin," a tribute to Holdridge that follows his life in German Village.

"We met with Fred and these are songs from his childhood and his adult experience," said Wayne Owens, business manager for the group. "This is not just a concert, this tells a story in music and song."

"We want to tell the story of how he was a young student and actor in Lima, Ohio, and how he ended up in the village," Owens said.

Owens said the group decided to put on the performance to show how important Holdridge was to the community.

Performances will take place 7 p.m. May 10 and 3 p.m. May 11 at the German Village Meeting Haus, 599 S. Third St.

Holdridge, 84, considered the unofficial mayor of German Village, has lived in the area since 1964 and has served as the German Village Society's president, among myriad other position. He is currently up for another term as chair of the society's fun committee.

"Seems like I have served on the German Village Society board forever," Holdridge said.

The concert's title is a reference to Holdridge's lifelong connection with popcorn.

"We raised popcorn on our farm and had tourist rooms in our house," Holdridge said. "One regular boarder sold popcorn makers for a living. My two brothers and I would sit on the porch swing in the evening and consume gallons of popcorn."

"Nowadays, I love going to the movies and eating the largest possible container of popcorn."

Though not a founding member of the German Village Society, he has had a lasting effect on the not-for-profit.

When the society was first formed member fought with neighbors, the city and each other to reach historic preservation status.

"They guys that started the German Village Society were kind of high strung," said Katharine Moore, executive director for the group. "They had to be. The early members of the German Village Society were really feisty."

Moore credits Holdridge for changing this attitude. "What his legacy is in the German Village Society is that he changed the whole culture and made it fun," Moore said. "That's a huge legacy."

Still, Holdridge is a man known for his humor. "I am honored and grateful for all that I don't have to sing along," he said.

Admission for the event is $10 and is a fundraiser for the German Village Singers. Tickets can be purchased at the meeting haus.

Some of the songs that will be performed include, "What'll I do," "Sentimental Journey," "Over The Rainbow" and "Chattanooga Choo Choo."

The script for the show was written by Mary Kay Beall Carter. Music was arranged by her husband John Carter