Being a gardener means getting a bit dirty and sometimes even a bit naughty.

Being a gardener means getting a bit dirty and sometimes even a bit naughty.

Organizers of this year's annual GartenMarkt, the German Village Garten Club's fundraiser, are looking to cash in on suggestive names with a naughty plants theme.

"We are really trying to take off on names of plants that are a little risqué," said Kathy Heinlein, club president. "We will have many varieties of plants with cute suggestive names."

"I'm trying to keep it kind of clean -- edgy, but not over the top," she said.

Some examples: peek-a-boo, morning after.

The annual event will take place 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 10 at the German Village Meeting Haus, 588 S. Third St.

Any proceeds raised from the event will go toward several programs organized by the club, including maintaining Frank Fetch Park, planting 24 flower boxes on Third Street and putting on the Third Sunday concert series in the summer.

To keep the club running organizers need about $12,000 and rely on the Garten Markt to bring in most of the funds.

"Pretty much for the last six year we've been able to come up with this budget so we can do what we want to do," Heinlein said.

In addition, some of the money is set aside for future projects.

"We set aside every year for the future because we know that some May Saturday it's going to pour down rain," Heinlein said. "Every year we set aside money because we know that the city is planning a big redevelopment of Third (Street) and we know our boxes will have to be replaced."

Heinlein said it is important for area residents to realize that the flower boxes are there to make the area beautiful for everyone.

"Those flower boxes are not just from people up from Cincinnati for the weekend," she said.

One of the more interesting aspects of the event is the variety of plants. A group of clubs members traversed Ohio looking for special varieties.

"This is for the people that come looking for something that you aren't going to see at Lowes," Heinlein said. "We spin our wheels trying to find different things."

Added member Jerry Glick: "It used to be just a certain limited number of plants. Now it runs the whole gamut. That's why people come there because they will find a selection of plants they aren't going to find any place else."

Glick said there will be a number of experienced gardeners on hand to help people if need be.

Prior to the GartenMarkt will be yearly pre-sale event from 7 to 9 p.m. May 9 at the meeting haus.

This year's theme is Jazz and Juleps, after the drink not the plant.

The Garten Club sells about a third of their goal at the pre-sale event, Heinlein said.

This year's pre-sale will build on last year's event.

"Last year we moved back our sale to the first weekend in May, which turned out to be the Kentucky Derby so we thought we'd honor that," said Sara McNealey, pre-sale organizer.

Those who attend will have first dibs at plants and other items.

Tickets to the pre-sale event are $25 a piece. Contact McNealey at 461-4625.