A Merion Village pocket park is in need of a name and residents to give it one.

A Merion Village pocket park is in need of a name and residents to give it one.

For the past several years Urban Achievers 4-H members have been volunteering to beautify the unnamed park at 241 E. Morrill Ave.

"The long term goal is to create the name and install a sign to designate the name," said Kerry Riggs, advisor to the club.

To do this the group is taking submission from residents. The club hopes to present three to five names to Merion Village residents who helped create the park, who will make the decision.

Submissions will be accepted until July 30 and a name will be chosen October 25.

"We thought it was a park and it deserved a name," Riggs said. "The thought was having a name would be able to foster some pride in the area and be a way to designate it so people would know about it."

Riggs said the chosen name will most likely draw on the area's history. One of the standout names includes the Walker family surname.

Based on their on research, the club believes prior to World War II the park was a dry goods grocery store owned by the Walker family, named "Betty Ann's" after the family's daughter.

"I personally, and the club members as well, would like to see the Walker family included, but we didn't make that a requirement," Riggs said.

Merion Village gained the park in 2001 after several neighbors turned the vacant, overgrown land into green space.

Soon after the 4-H group volunteered to tend the park as part of Make a Difference Day, after which the club decided to take on the project on a long-term basis.

The club's about 10 members have worked on the park to the point where it will be in the upcoming Merion Village Garden Tour.

Thirteen-year-old Caitie Hand, a 4-H member, said when the group took over the park was overgrown.

"Our 4-H group saw the park and it really needed help, and we decided to adopt it as a community service project," Hand said.

"It's just come a long way even since the beginning of the year," Hand continued. "It just takes a little bit of effort and teamwork to turn something that wasn't very nice to a nice place for the community."

The group's future goals include adding a bench and a fountain similar to German Village's own pocket park, Frank Fetch Park. In addition, the group plans to create a non-profit organization to support the park's future.

Submission can be e-mailed to urban-achievers4h@gmail.com or sent to Name the Park, 1330 S. Fourth St., Columbus, OH 43206.