German Village residents can expect to see crews marking and working on brick streets next week.

German Village residents can expect to see crews marking and working on brick streets next week.

Barring poor weather, contractors are expected to start the city's brick street rehabilitation project July 8. The contract is with G&G Concrete Construction.

"What the people will see is we will be going out and putting markings down on the brick," said Mary Carran Webster, Columbus' assistant public service director. "It doesn't necessarily mean they are digging up the whole road."

Still, Webster said the program, which is undertaken about every other year, is to fix any dips and rough patches in the brick.

"We may not be fixing the whole stretch of that road because it may not need to be repaired, but there are sections that may need to be repaired," Webster said. "Sometimes there are dips in the road where the base under the brick has given way, sometimes it's age, sometimes it's a combination of weather water and sump pumps."

During the rehabilitation some of the streets will be blocked off.

"There may be a couple-of-hour periods were both sides of the street are closed down for a brief time," she said.

There are 32 miles of brick streets in the city and German Village will be the first area worked on. Webster estimated the entire cost of the program will be about $200,000.

She said if there are funds left over the city is considering going back through the area to fix sections that were filled with asphalt.

Last year, the city ran out of funds for brickwork and filled holes on brick streets with asphalt to maintain safety, Webster said.

"At the tail end of this project we can attempt to address those as well," Webster said.

Nonetheless, the part of the project faces uncertainty.

"We don't always have the funds to do that," she continued. "Our hope is to eventually get to all of those over the years."

The brick for the project will come from several places including brick found when the city repaired other stretches of roads and other projects.

But the idea is to keep what is already there.

"Often times, a lot of the work we are doing is removing the bricks and working on the base under the bricks and putting those very same bricks back down," Webster said.