A Merion Village woman wants dog and cat owners to think local.

A Merion Village woman wants dog and cat owners to think local.

Marcie Radell, a technician at the German Village Veterinary Hospital, is expecting to open Lots to Wag About, a new animal boutique, at 405 E. Mound St. in mid July.

The exact date hasn't been pinned down, but Radell said as soon as the shelves are stocked she'll open.

The business will deal mostly with cats and dogs, though Radell is looking to make the store unique by stocking locally made items such as dog collars and leashes, among others.

"That's one thing I like about German Village and Merion Village: it's a very community oriented place, supportive of small business," Radell said. "Big-box stores are good for some things but I wouldn't want to go there all the time. You don't want things to be samey samey, you've go to have some variation sometimes."

Radell, 34, said she is working with a local screening company to create Columbus-themed animal T-shirts and is looking for local crafters and artisans who want to make bowls.

"I'm trying to carry things that you aren't necessarily going to find everywhere else, all natural and organic foods," Radell said. "I'm not really going to get into the health products, just the treats and small items."

She said she chose the location because it is next to Doggie Daycare Center and for its proximity to downtown.

"It seems like everyone who is moving downtown has pets too," she said. "I really like that. I like being centrally located there's jut a lot going on down here."

Radell said she toyed with opening the business for several years before making the plunge.

"I've been thinking about it for awhile and you get to the point where you have to do it or think about it for the rest-of-my-life," she said.