The German Village Garten Club volunteer of the year is a man who is always ready to pitch in.

The German Village Garten Club volunteer of the year is a man who is always ready to pitch in.

On Friday last week, during the Heinlein Reception, the Garten Club recognized Jim Plunkett as the volunteer of the year. He received a framed oil painting of Frank Fetch Park.

Kathyrn Heinlein, who the event was named after, is club president. She lauded Plunkett for his years of service and his willingness to always be available.

"Usually, it's a big overall kind of thing. We find somebody that every time you call them they say yes and Jim is one of those people," Heinlein said. "If you are standing with four people at Frank Fetch Park and somebody say that tree needs pruning, the next day he'll do it.

"He's just one of those people who pitches in and does whatever you ask," she added.

Heinlein said Plunkett's major contribution was continuing a project that the late Brent Warner started in the park. Before his death, Warner was working on building up the flower beds in the park to stop water runoff.

"(Plunkett) would carry 12 bricks down the street and put them in, and the next day he'd carry 12 more bricks down the street and put them in," Heinlein said.

Plunkett was unable to attend the event. Reached Monday, he said he was surprised at receiving the recognition.

He said he was just one of many people who volunteered at the park and was humble about the work he's accomplished.

"I enjoy it," said Plunkett, who lives next to the park. "I'm retired and I have the time. It's how I keep busy."

He said he enjoyed volunteering. "I decided when I retired that I wasn't going to get bored, and I said there is too much volunteer work that you can do in this country," Plunkett said.

Plunkett said he decided to work on the Frank Fetch gardens because he was friends with Warner. "It was something that needed to be done and Brent was a good friend of mine," Plunkett said. "It's probably one of the reasons I really wanted to do it, too; I did a lot of work with him and enjoyed his company."