Volunteers for this year's German Village Society Oktoberfest gathered together Sunday to celebrate a job well done.

Volunteers for this year's German Village Society Oktoberfest gathered together Sunday to celebrate a job well done.

Among them was standout volunteer Bob Jackson, who was recognized by the society for being integral to the event.

"One of the biggest tasks in putting together the Oktoberfest is the fact that we need -- and use -- 1,000 volunteers, and we needed a person to set that up," said Jody Graichen, interim executive director for the society.

Jackson, a longtime volunteer, stepped up to take on the overwhelming task.

"This year, Bob Jackson just volunteered to do just this, even knowing it was a big job," Graichen said. "Bob put in just a ridiculous number of hours for this post and he did it without complaining.

"For us it was clear he was the volunteer of the year," Graichen said.

In years past, the society had a paid volunteer coordinator. Because of budget cuts the position was eliminated and the society asked its members to help.

Jackson received a blanket with the Oktoberfest logo on it and several gift certificates to G. Michaels Italian American Bistro & Bar, a local restaurant.

"Short of giving him a million dollars, we wanted to be able to give him a couple nice nights out," Graichen said.

Bill Curlis, chair of the event, also applauded Jackson's work.

"He's a fantastic guy," Curlis said. "He stepped in and worked seven days a week for about three months getting everything ready.

"Not only was he coordinating all the Oktoberfest stuff, but we had a couple of other activities going on between there and he took care of those too," Curlis added.

Jackson said he didn't expect to receive an award. "I was very pleased; it was very nice," he said.

Jackson said a majority of his time was spent collecting data such as phone numbers and addresses and entering it all into a spreadsheet.

"Once you get them signed up, you have to confirm with them, and then after the confirmation you have to check them all, and then after the event you have to notify them about the spaghetti dinner," Jackson said. "It became a horrendous job, but I enjoyed it and got to meet a lot of nice people."

With one year under his belt, Jackson is still contemplating whether he'll take on the post again for the next Oktoberfest. "I don't know," Jackson said. "I'm going to rest up. I'll probably do it next year but right now I'm going to take the rest and not think about it."