A German Village woman has received the American Cancer Society's highest honor.

A German Village woman has received the American Cancer Society's highest honor.

Jennifer Guy, who has lived in the area since 1981, received the St. George National Award. The award is presented annually to outstanding volunteers in recognition of distinguished service to the American Cancer Society.

"There're an awful lot of people who probably do a lot more for the American Cancer Society than I do," Guy said. "I was flattered, touched and honored.

"I personally get more out of them than they probably get out of me," she said.

Conceived in 1949 by Dr. Charles S. Cameron, the society's former medical and scientific director, the recognition has been awarded annually to society volunteers across the country.

This year 26 volunteers across the country -- three from Ohio -- received the award. The recipients are nominated by their divisions, and then approved by the National Board of Directors.

The two other Ohio recipients were Patrick J. Fahey, professor of family medicine at The Ohio State University, and William W. Harding, president and CEO of Union Hospital.

To be eligible, nominees for the award must have served as a leader in the community for six consecutive years while making a significant impact on strategic goals and mission-driven programs.

"The American Cancer Society is blessed with wonderful volunteers such as Jenny Guy," Yvette Livers, the society's central region vice president, said in a press release. "On a daily basis Jenny is able and willing to help cancer survivors so they may have a better quality of life. She has been an outstanding advocate for the society, and her dedication is appreciated at the local and state level."

Guy, 60, a trained oncologist, has a long history of working with the society. She is currently a medical writer and oncology consultant. She writes continuing education courses for oncologists.

She began working with the society in 1988 as a member of nonprofit's Franklin County Advisory Board, where she served as board president from 1996-98.

In 1998, Guy was elected to the society's Ohio Division Board of Directors and has chaired the Quality of Life Committee since 2002.

Guy said she does not have a typical nurse's background. She was a biology major in college and conducted basic research. She decided to attended nursing school and gravitated to clinical research.

"In the course of that, my dad ended up with lung cancer and that spurred me on even more," Guy said.

During her career, Guy helped set up multiple cancer programs.

She began volunteering after she retired. "It was a natural evolution: you work with the Cancer Society in terms of helping patients and when I had more time I just continued to do it," Guy said. "Sometimes I wonder how I ever had time to have a job."