To the editor:

To the editor:

I am shocked, but not particularly surprised, by the government's plan to further disrupt Parsons Avenue with its latest attempt to fix its broken freeway system at the downtown I-70/71 interchange with yet another dysfunctional plan.

So many people who live and own businesses along this corridor depend on the vitality of Parsons Avenue. ODOT's plan to chop Parsons in half, reroute traffic and tear down buildings would only serve to disrupt an area that has struggled to rebuild itself after the last freeway project dissected it in the 1960s.

But the city of Columbus is as much to blame as the state of Ohio. Just look at the lack of dependable parking, heavily restricted left-hand turns and shortsighted redevelopment plans that detract from business and neighborhoods the entire length of Parsons Avenue, from East Broad Street all the way through the South Side.

It is more than apparent to me that the government would rather sacrifice the health and well being of our Near East and Near South neighborhoods than make significant changes to its almighty highway plan. For Parsons Avenue to be truly successful, more needs to be done to address the long-term planning, which includes retaining the character of businesses and neighborhoods that surround it.

Mike Elicson