The German Village Society plans to tinker a bit with its newsletter.

The German Village Society plans to tinker a bit with its newsletter.

The society announced last week that it is changing how its e-mail newsletter operates.

It will now release a PDF newsletter each Wednesday, instead of sending intermittent e-mails throughout the week.

Erin O'Donnell, hired as the society's executive director earlier this month, said one of her main priorities was changing how the Neighbors 4 Neighbors newsletter operated.

O'Donnell said Wednesday that the society has made the switch to give the newsletter a professional feel and emulate the society's previous print newsletter.

The old print newsletter, which won the 1998 award for best newsletter from the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations, ceased publication because of budget constraints.

At the time, Neighbors 4 Neighbors was created as a replacement for the print newsletter, but over time, multiple e-mails were sent out each week.

"I did have a couple of people say to me that it would be nice to condense it into one e-mail a week," O'Donnell said. "I really loved the old printed newsletter and I wanted to combine them into one."

The society will continue to send out crime alerts during the week as well as other must-know information, O'Donnell said.

In addition, in the future, the newsletter will include highlights from the business community and from members.

"Anything that will be fresh within a week will wait and go in the newsletter," O'Donnell said.

She said there also is discussion of creating a print version of Neighbors 4 Neighbors for those who do not have Internet access.

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