The German Village Society will lose all five of its incumbent trustees this year.

The German Village Society will lose all five of its incumbent trustees this year.

Jerry Glick, Carolyn McCall, Sarah Kellenberger-Harpham, Mary Cusick and Sara McNealy said they will not seek re-election to the board.

Glick and McNealy said they were strongly against the board's realignment this year, which reduced the number of trustees to a dozen.

"I think there's a tremendous amount of talent that's been lost and that's going to be lost on the board and for the organization," McNealy said.

"I guess it's time I go off the board for a while, maybe forever, I don't know," Glick said.

"I'm not counting out a time that I would re-enter but not now."

There are currently 14 trustees on the board. The new bylaws will eliminate two of those positions.

The deadline for applications was Feb. 15. Jim Hopple, chairman of the organizational development committee, said he has received five letters of interest but would not release the names of the other candidates. They will be recommended to the board of trustees for consideration March 1.

Cusick, Kellenberger-Harpham and McCall said they are not leaving because of dissatisfaction with the group.

"I put a lot into it and I loved being on the board. I think it's time to make room for somebody new," McCall said.

"The community and organization benefit from new blood, new brains new ideas -- a mix of people working together," Kellenberger-Harpham added.

All five said they will remain involved as volunteers.

Anyone who missed the application deadline or wants to be eligible for consideration must submit a letter of interest to the board by March 15.

The 800 members of the society will vote in April on the slate of candidates. The winner will be seated in June.