Three dedicated men deserving three cheers (really more!) got them last week when the German Village Society toasted and thanked three outgoing members of the Board of Trustees.

Three dedicated men deserving three cheers (really more!) got them last week when the German Village Society toasted and thanked three outgoing members of the Board of Trustees.

Here's why we cheered:

Roy Bieber was appointed to the board in 2003 and has served on the board's Development Committee (now Nominations Committee) since 2004.

Roy provided strong leadership as the Society's treasurer and chairman of the Finance Committee from 2006-2011, an especially challenging time.

For example, there was the sale of the Third Street Cottage, creation of the Meeting Haus maintenance schedule and funding a designated fund for that, revamping the financial management, including outsourcing bookkeeping and proposing solutions to stabilize and rebuild the Society's finances.

Roy served as chairman of the Meeting Haus Maintenance Committee (2008-present) when deferred maintenance was addressed and the offices were redesigned and updated.

Service on the Society's Website Committee, which overhauled the website, added a new mobile website, and most recently recommended the new database and archives software, was another area where Roy has served since 2010.

Norm Hall was appointed to the board in 2006.

Norm has always provided yummy baked goodies whenever the board has welcomed or thanked members. Norm's thoughtfulness will be missed.

Norm was chairman of the 2009 Haus Und Garten Tour, the 50th anniversary year.

It was especially challenging since there was a new Director and no Events Coordinator, making it substantially more work than he had signed on for.

Nonetheless, Norm delivered, helping to ensure the success of this signature historic preservation education and advocacy event and, substantial funder of the operating budget.

Helping with PreTour and Tour, including hosting PreTour dinners and being a sponsor for the Party on the Platz, are other ways in which Norm has provided leadership during his time on the board.

Norm worked on Oktoberfest and Art Crawl events and was the board liaison to the 2010 and 2011 Monster Bash.

Jim Hopple has served on the board for so long that no one, including Jim, is sure of when he was first appointed. Piecing things together, it was either 1998 or 1999.

Throughout much of this time, Jim has served as board attorney, offering "steady and sage advice" as a former GVS president noted.

Jim has always been available when needed and was called upon far more than most people could imagine.

Jim has provided guidance on a host of issues from contracts (lots with Oktoberfest), insurance coverage review, employment agreements and personnel matters, trademarks, the sale of the Third Street Cottage, and the property tax case, which -- now settled -- frees the Society from paying property taxes, returning about $20,000 to the annual budget.

The last number of years Jim has served as chairman of the Nominations Committee.

This pivotal committee identifies potential candidates to run for election to the board and, until recently selected new board members.

Jim has also worked on various changes to the Society's Bylaws and Constitution, always an important endeavor and not many people's cup of tea.

Let's hear some more cheers for these dedicated trustees and friends.

Jeanne M. Likins, German Village Society board of trustees secretary, wrote this Village Notebook column for the ThisWeek German Village Gazette.