The weather is warming -- finally.

The weather is warming -- finally.

Oh no, I started last week's column with a nod to spring! One-track mind.

But while last week's notes provided a sneak peek of the summer's biggest show of our 55 years as successful preservationists (and our biggest fundraiser to continue those projects and programs), this week's installment is an invitation to be on Team Preservation for German Village.

We are so privileged to have an historic preservation expert back on the German Village Society staff.

Successful expansion of our fundraising efforts, led by the support of our own residential and business members, put the Society in a financial position to hire Historic Preservation Advocate Sarah Marsom.

She joined us in January and has spent the past two months reading, studying, listening, participating, and generally getting up to speed.

So, if you're planning a spring project at your home or garden, put Sarah to work for you. Engaging Sarah as you start to plan your outdoor project is the quickest way to become part of Team Preservation.

Don't forget that exterior home repairs and modifications of all scope -- ALL SCOPE -- need a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Bricks. Mortar. Shingles. Fences. Soft scape. Hard scape. Paint. Hardware. If it's outdoors, you need a COA.

Sarah has begun visiting resident's homes to assist with their understanding of the Certificate of Appropriateness application process.

She's already helping those homeowners who share my singular focus on warmer weather to understand what is considered a staff approval versus what kinds of work requires the German Village Commission to review the application and what is necessary to include in the application.

She can help you. And she'd enjoy stopping out to meet you and see your project.

Sarah works closely with the city's staff, especially Columbus Assistant Historic Preservation Officer Cristin Moody.

The cool thing about adding Sarah to the Society staff is that she can help you prep for the city process by identifying possible sticking points, help you think about how the Commission might view an application, and help you pull together appropriate pictures and documents.

Every application is different and some require further research or more specific information. Sarah can't give you a "yes" or "no" on your project, but she can help you get educated and save you time.

If you have any questions in regards to what might need Commission approval, what can be staff approved, or would like to schedule a home visit, please contact send Sarah an email at; or call her at the Meeting Haus, 614-221-8888.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.