The German Village Haus und Garten Tour always has a little of the unexpected.

The German Village Haus und Garten Tour always has a little of the unexpected.

Local officials said they have chosen 10 houses and two gardens that represent traditional and modern approaches in the historic neighborhood.

The 55th annual tour, presented by Frontgate, is slated for June 29.

A cottage on Beck Street has a landscaped "green roof" on top of an addition.

A stop on City Park Avenue has a pool.

A house at the corner of Beck and Third Street features classic, elaborate ornamental stone work.

This year's theme is "Urban. Living. History."

"When we developed the theme ... we tried to think about selecting properties that embodied the idea of variety, different ways of living in an urban environment, and ways people made use of the historical structures they find themselves living in this neighborhood," said Dan Kline, who is co-chairman of the tour this year with his wife, Marie Logothetis.

Kline called it "a great collection of properties."

"We had a sense of a bunch of properties we wanted to invite," Kline said. "We're thrilled with the houses we got."

Shiloh Todorov, executive director of the German Village Society, credited Kline and Logothetis for a fine selection of tour stops.

"I think every year -- and this year is no exception -- our tour chairs have found unique and memorable moments to feature on this year's Haus und Garten Tour," she said.

Todorov said the tour attracts both casual spectators and those who want ideas for a makeover.

"I think every year there's the perennial Haus und Garten visitor," she said.

"But there is always that group of folks who are starting a design in their own home and think of the tour as an inspiration."

Tickets for the tour and PreTour won't be on sale until May.

The PreTour, always held the evening before the tour, will offer 350 seats in private homes and businesses, plus 250 tickets for the Party on the Platz at the Meeting Haus.

For the second year in a row, tour officials will hold a cocktail party for $75 a ticket. Last year it was limited to young professionals, but this year it will be open to those 21 and older, Todorov said.