Add a community pool to the wish list of some German Village residents.

Add a community pool to the wish list of some German Village residents.

The German Village Society's long-range planning committee has been kicking around the idea of a pool for several months now, acknowledging finding an available plot of land -- particularly within in the village -- is pretty slim.

"We definitely feel there is a need and desire for it, but we haven't been able to find a suitable location for it," said Matt Eshelbrenner, committee chairman.

Eshelbrenner said there are no proposals for a private pool on the peninsula or elsewhere in the area.

He acknowledges there's a scarcity of available space in German Village, Merion Village, Schumacher Place and the Brewery District.

The initial thought was to make it part of the complex at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center on Whittier Street.

But, Franklin County Metro Parks, which owns seven parcels totaling 73-acres, doesn't own pools, so that scenario is unlikely.

One possibility is the city of Columbus, which owns seven tracts totaling 63 acres on the peninsula, could purchase the property and build a pool on it. The state of Ohio owns one 3.9-acre parcel on the peninsula, City Properties LLC owns two totaling 7.92 acres and CSX Transportation owns two totaling 16.40 acres.

Terri Leist, planning administrator for Columbus Recreation and Parks, said the department has not been contacted about the issue, but is willing to discuss it.

"I'd be happy to listen to what they'd have to say but nobody's said anything to me," she said.

She pointed out the city runs pools in the nearby Lincoln, Dodge and Marion Franklin recreation centers.

Eshelbrenner said, "Ideally we'd want one (within) the boundaries (of German Village) or very close by."

Shiloh Todorov, executive director of the German Village Society, said it's unclear how much of a desire there is for a pool in the neighborhood.

"It hasn't even bubbled up the board level from the committee," she said.

Eshelbrenner said it's too early to begin discussions at the board of trustees' level.

"Before I would pass something on to them, I'd like to have more concrete ideas, where right now it seems to be more conceptual," he said.