Stretch your legs, hoist a stein and get an education.

Stretch your legs, hoist a stein and get an education.

That pretty much sums up the final Brewery District Walking Tour of the season, to be held from 3:30 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18.

The tour, sponsored by the Columbus Brew Adventures, will take patrons on a stroll through the historic district with stops along the way.

Among the samples of beer, food and cocktails will be copious helpings of history, said Jim Ellison, co-owner and tour coordinator of Columbus Brew Adventures.

"We put a tour together to highlight that history, but also show people what's going on now in the neighborhood," said Ellison, also known as CMH Gourmand, a local food blogger.

Admission is $52 and includes samples of beer, food and cocktails at five stops, Ellison said. Tickets can be purchased online at

The first is Columbus Brewing Co. restaurant, which is adjacent to a microbrewery of the same name, although both are separate businesses.

The crowd then will move onto World of Beer and Shadowbox Live, both located in the Worly Building, which once was home to the original Hoster Brewing Co.

It is not related to the Hoster restaurant and brewery on South High Street, which had its heyday in the 1990s. That space is now the High Line Car House.

Hoster still maintains an office in Columbus and brews beer in Toledo, Ellison said.

The Brewery District was once home to six breweries, including Gambrinus Brewing Co., owned by August Wagner. It survived Prohibition -- the brewery was then called August Wagner & Sons Products Co. -- by making products other than beer.

"He barely squeaked by, but he made it," Ellison said.

"He was a really colorful character and we talk a lot about that."

It resumed beer production after Prohibition and was named August Wagner & Sons Brewing Co. and August Wagner Breweries. The brewery, in some form, was in the family until 1968.

Perhaps an unlikely stop, Arepazo Tapas Bar Grill is also on the list. Patrons will sample ceviche, papas criollas and caipirinhas, a drink made from sugar cane liquor.

Ellison said Arepazo made the list because it's part of the rich history of the Brewery District and offers patrons a chance to walk a greater geographic area of the neighborhood and take in the sights.

The tour wraps up at Brick in the old Handke's Cuisine space, where the Bavarian Brewing Co. once was located.